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Rabbit gay dating

Rabbits, however, would make good parents due to their calm natures and gentle presence.

Having an infant born under the sign of the Rabbit can be a blessing for a new parent due to their quiet nature allowing the Rabbit to sleep easily through the night.

Rabbits, however, can be very romantic in their love lives, which will attract them plenty of suitors.

All the better for the Rabbit, since they tend to get quite picky with whom they enter a relationship with.

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At the Rabbit's worst, however, the Rabbit can suffer through personality disorders such as avoiding people and being overly needy.

Some good choices of careers for the Rabbit are ones that allow them to express their sensitive and artistic natures, such as a writer, diplomat, therapist, or teacher.

Couples in which one partner is a Rabbit need to understand that the Rabbit will be very stressed out should they have loud arguments and shouting matches.

This is not a good environment for a Rabbit, or for anyone else in general.


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