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Racism on dating sites

Di Tomaso observes that while Americans place very high value on the of equal opportunity, virtually all of us seek “unequal opportunity” in our own lives by leveraging our intimate relationships to achieve our goals, including our professional goals.Yet most of us don’t see the help of family and friends as an unfair leg up.A few weeks ago, Ok Cupid, the popular “freemium” dating service, started offering its paid subscribers a very cool new tool.Rather than just sort through potential dates by using familiar filters like age and height, you could use the answers Ok Cupid members gave to various questions, such as “Do you like to watch sports on television?Rather, I was surprised that people would be willing to Is a strong same-race preference something one ought to be ashamed of?Or is it enough to say that the heart wants what it wants and to leave it at that?This is a more important question than you might think.

Answering questions allows Ok Cupid’s fancy algorithms to identify people who might be a good fit for you.

My sisters and I were in the same boat when we went to school. We assimilated into an outer-borough American culture in which it was assumed that everyone was “ethnic,” that everyone belonged to some religious minority or another, and that of course you’d constantly be mingling with people who looked different from you, because that was an inescapable fact of life.

Brooklyn in this era was hardly a paradise of interethnic harmony. Even so, I definitely felt more typical than strange in being an American-born child of immigrants, and diversity in my world was so pervasive that I found its absence really jarring.

Keep in mind that Ok Cupid users can skip a question with ease.

The people who answered this question had every opportunity to pass it by.


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