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Rainie yang is dating

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Another ship has sunk to the bottom of the sea of wishful thinking: the Roy Qiu/Tang Yan vessel. Thank you for your attention and blessings, thank you. Roy Chiu on tumblr You gotta hand it to Roy for being poetic even when talking about a break-up and while breaking a girl’s heart because it would seem that the parting was not amicable based on a rant by someone who claimed to be an assistant of Tiffany (okay, can we stick to Tang Yan, please?

Translation of Roy’s Weibo post: Once the ending of a story is not the happy one people see, then on the whole it won’t be a fairy tale. Hohum, this is becoming quite a sad refrain for many entertainers.

Love or bread, asked Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in a previous drama.

Another ex, Wang Zi, gave her secret marriage away by shouting on facebook best wishes for her MARRIAGE.

Her ex comments that the whole world has told him about Rainie's marriage and wishes her a happy and blissful marriage.

An eye-witness said that Rainie was constantly looking around the surrounding, as she was afraid of being recognised.

When she was being teased by the host, Huang Zijiao if Ronghao was her cup of tea, Rainie blushed and replied awkwardly, “Music is my cup of tea!Although Rainie has been embroiled in several scandals and rumours over the years, the 29-year-old has always been honest about her relationships, and once admitted that popular TV host and singer Xiao Gui used to be her first love.During an interview, when Rainie was asked for her opinion on Prince, she turned red and giggled nervously, saying: “This is so awkward!Rainie’s agency has responded, “This is an artiste’s privacy. Thank you for your concern.” Ronghao’s agency also declined to respond.Source: Apple Daily HK This article is written for When Rainie won the best leading actress in 2010 Golden Bell Awards, she was in tears as her rumoured partner, Show did not clinch the best actor award.Their romance rumours surfaced again when Rainie recently took the time off from her concert preparation to film a commercial with Show.Obviously, many are choosing bread but those who are greedy to choose both opt to keep the love part a secret so as not to lose the bread. In fairness to Roy, while he did not publicly acknowledge Tang Yan was his girlfriend, he did not make it a total secret either.He openly interacted with her on Weibo and talked about her when asked.In my previous post, “Year of the Sinking Ships”, it was not clear yet whether this Titanic could be saved, following reports that he was seen leaving a drama set with Tia Li. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. ) and posted this on Weibo: The original post has apparently been taken down but trust netizens to save it for, uh, posterity.But yesterday, Qiu Ze posted on his Weibo a confirmation that things have come to an end between him and Tiffany (interesting how these stars choose their English names because I don’t think Tiffany suits her but whatever makes her happy, especially now that she needs it). In that post, the “assistant” blasted Roy for not being man enough to stand up for the relationship out of fear of losing fans.


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