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Referenced dlls not updating

After I remove Project A from the solution, then the project version disappears from the Object Browser as expected and the binary version appears instead.

I believe that this is a bug or at least a breaking change worth documenting and hopefully providing a work around.

You mentioned you ran into this issue after a shutdown, which should indeed release all of those assemblies. Currently, those assemblies are not shadow copied, which leads to this locking behavior. I can confirm this occurred following a manual restart; however this was originally reported back in early May so things may have changed since then.

Currently, those assemblies are not shadow copied, which leads to this locking behavior.

( @jasonmalinowski Adding some quotes from the notes in internal bug 824590: When the set of symbols to be used for completion is filtered to visible and browsable members, that filtering only takes into account overrides relationships between symbols in that set (but not hiding relationships).

( At this point, I think we should close this bug tracking the unification of references, as I think we want it in general, and there is now a reasonable workaround in terms of changing the output path so that the rewrite doesn't happen in place.

In Visual Studio 2013, projects B and C compile fine, the unit tests run fine and the code coverage metrics report displays the metrics for project A correctly.

This worked even though the reference path and the new output path matched.If I remove project A from the solution, then projects B and C revert to behaving correctly using the binary reference and compile fine.But then, here is the catch, the code coverage metrics fail to report at all on project A since it has been removed from the solution even though the tests are passing.Longer term we might need to something nicer here, but that should hopefully get you unblocked right away. The dll is modified in the obj\debug folder before the Copy Files To Output Directory step is called.We used the IL Support (2013 version) (original) extension to create the project.They show up under "External" when the unit tests are grouped by project in the Test Explorer but project A (or external) is missing from the Code Coverage Results.This is also the same behavior in Visual Studio 2013, so I don't think that his is a bug or any new behavior. With CI we are updating these DLLs continually and it's a drawback that we can't simply update the files. This is perhaps a edge case; however it does seem to indicate that Functions are holding on to references to external resources, even after a shutdown/restart or recompile.However, the also stopped working with the project referencing since it was never supported via project references and only ever worked if the library containing its use was referenced via its dll (exe, etc).Like the @jasonmalinowski Thank you for you response Jason!


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