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Green Lantern tries to convince Batman & Robin to fall in line, but the pair takes him to school…in color theory! BAT LASH #3 - (of 6) Full Color Creators: Written by Peter Brandvold & Sergio Aragones / Art by John Severin / Cover by Walter Simonson Description: Bat Lash faces frontier justice! For the first time ever in Marvel Adventures, the Defenders assemble! MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN #10 - Full Color Creators: Written by Fred Van Lente / Penciled by Graham Nolan / Cover by Francis Tsai Description: Tony Stark has hired the world's greatest private investigator, Jessica Drew, to help him find his long-lost father. Collecting MEN’S ADVENTURES #27-28, CAPTAIN AMERICA #76-78, HUMAN TORCH #36-38 and MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #16. While they’ve been able to save one of their family, the X-Men must next face a fight from within the family. 2 HC (2ND PRINTING) (VARIANT COVER) - Full Color Creators: Written by Chris Claremont & Bill Mantlo / Penciled by Dave Cockum, John Byrne, Bob Brown & Tony Dezuniga / Cover by Dave Cockrum Description: Back-to-press and fully restored by popular demand! 2: MIDNIGHT SUN SC - Full Color Creators: Written by Charlie Huston & Duane Swierczynski / Penciled by David Finch, Mico Suayan, Tomm Coker & Jefte Paolo / Cover by David Finch Description: Three months back on the job, and they’re already coming out of the woodwork. The gangsters and the hoods with old axes to grind. Jack and Chloe find themselves at a remote communications station in Alaska during a huge snow storm, trying to stop a Russian terrorist from Jack's past from bringing down all wireless communications in the U. Once there, Jack is teamed up with his Alaskan CTU counterpart who also holds a link to Jack's past. Creators: Chica Umino Description: Takemoto, a sophomore art student in Tokyo, thinks his greatest worries in life are finding ways to eat more meat and getting to class on time. The award-winning creative team of the Lone and Level Sands brings you what The Pulse calls "a step forward for the comics medium.” 32 pages. STARKWEATHER IMMORTAL #4 - (4 of 4) Full Color Creators: Dave Rodriguez & Patrick Mc Evoy Description: The day of the Trials approaches and Alex Starkweather must make a simple choice.Or, as it’s more commonly known, he attends a necktie party…as the guest of honor, of course. BATMAN #674 - Full Color Creators: Written by Grant Morrison / Art by Tony Daniel & Jonathan Glapion / Cover by Daniel Description: More secrets of Batman are revealed! But can they stop arguing with each other long enough to save the world? But when the Chameleon infiltrates Stark International under the guise of dear ol' Dad, Iron Man will need the help of Jessica's alter ego..spectacular SPIDER-WOMAN! The Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy drive the Children of Atom to the edge of disaster, pushing Storm into the depths of childhood horrors, and testing the mettle of Colossus and Wolverine to their utmost. Setting a new standard for Marvel super heroes wasn’t enough for mssrs. In their second Marvel Masterworks outing with the Uncanny X-Men, they aren’t just aiming for All-New and All-Different, they’re shooting for the stars! MOON KNIGHT #15 - Full Color Creators: Written by Mike Benson / Art by Mark Texeira & Javier Saltares / Cover by Arthur Suydam Description: Award-winning TV writer Mike Benson (Entourage) takes over the reins, with co-plotter Charlie Huston! With Moon Knight leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake, Tony Stark has one question on his mind: How the hell did this psycho get a Registration Card? Forty-eight spine-breaking, bone-chilling pages with an ending twist that hits like a .50-caliber sniper bullet. But with friends like his, life is never going to be that tame. He can accept the Council’s offer of status without earning it and become the closest thing the covens have to royalty.Batman finds himself in a torture chamber facing the last and deadliest of the three Batman replacements…and finally learns the tragic story of how they came to be! If the monstrous Nameless One gets his way, the Defenders first mission together could be their last!! And then, at the breaking point, comes the return of Magneto! But before they can reach those heights, Jean Grey must fall from the heavens in order to save her teammates lives — and to emerge from the ashes as the Phoenix! MIGHTY AVENGERS #9 - Full Color Creators: Written by Brian Michael Bendis / Pencils & Cover by Mark Bagley Description: DOCTOR DOOM!! But by the time Stark uncovers the truth, it might very well be too late. 48 pages.30 DAYS OF NIGHT: BEYOND BARROW SC - Full Color Creators: Steve Niles (W); Bill Sienkiewicz (A & C) Description: After years of attacks, and several without, the citizens of Barrow have become united against random attacks on their city by the undead. Creators: Kazune Kawahara Description: Haruna begins to develop feelings for Fumiya, Yoh's friend. Or he can take his Trials, risk tearing the covens apart with his failure and, even worse, hurting people around him when he loses control. Archangel Studios RED STAR SWORD OF LIES #1 - (1 of 5) Full Color Creators: Christian Gossett & Weta Workshop Design Team Description: Available again.With a shocking appearance by Bat-Mite, this tale leads to more revelations about the young Batman’s participation in a bizarre isolation experiment as we learn how the terrifying consequences of his actions will alter the Dark Knight’s life in the months to come. BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #4 - Full Color Creators: Written by Chuck Dixon / Art by Julian Lopez & Bit Cover by Doug Braithwaite Description: Green Arrow joins the Outsiders! MARVEL ADVENTURES HULK #8 - Full Color Creators: Written by Paul Benjamin / Penciled by David Nakayama / Cover by Juan Roman Cano Santacruz Description: Hulk! Then it’s off to the stars and to the Shi’Ar Empire to meet the Starjammers, Lilandra, Deathbird and the Imperial Guard — not to mention a certain John Byrne! While they’ve been able to save one of their family, the X-Men must next face a fight from within the family. MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 #5 - (of 5) Full Color Creators: Written by Robert Kirkman / Penciled by Sean Phillips / Cover by Arthur Suydam Description: This is it, the brain-eating, limb-wrenching climax to the sinister sequel of the runaway hit series! The Avengers invade Latveria to take down Doctor Doom for his chemical attack on America. It’s wall-to-wall mayhem as Mark Bagley joins Avengers writer Bendis in this globe–trotting spectacle filled with hints about next year’s SECRET INVASION! For Khonshu has great expectations of his avatar -- he wants the streets washed with blood, and what Khonshu wants, he usually gets. Unfortunately the same does not apply outside of Barrow or the rest of the mysterious Arctic Circle. Yoh talks her through her first-date jitters, but is Fumiya the right guy for Haruna? Unable to trust his power and unwilling to deal with the events of his past, Alex is put to the biggest test of his life — and all of reality is resting on the outcome. Archangel Studios brings back The Red Star with help from Weta Workshop, the New Zealand company that has worked on such theatrical hits as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and Narnia. RED STAR SWORD OF LIES #2 - (2 of 5) Full Color Creators: Christian Gossett & Weta Workshop Design Team Description: Available again.Tomasi / Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason & Prentis Rollins Description: It’s a desperate race to prevent Sinestro Corps rings from finding new masters! Robert Bruce Banner may have the appearance of a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion, he became the unstoppable engine of destruction know as the Incredible Hulk! Glass / Pencils by Ryan Stegman/Covers by Ryan Stegman Description: Adapted from the novel by New York Times Best-Selling author Raymond E. With the help of the Dwarven Chief Dolgan, what remains of the party must travel through the mines of Mac Mordian Cadal to find a new path to their destination. Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch and Franco Urru continue their march through a Los Angeles truly gone to hell. Creators: Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura Description: Zero is tricked into helping a "Ghost Carriage" whose passengers are spirits seeking revenge on the bandits that killed them. And too bad he's fighting Ricardo, an elite Muscle Leaguer with genuine bad blood. Veronica #187 – (Parent/Gladir/Slate) When even Cheryl Blossom takes Veronica to task for being rotten to her, Veronica makes a demand of the Archie writers and editor — tell the Story of My Life .

SUPERMAN SET (6) [DEC 07 WOW] - Description: Fly with this set that includes Action Comics Annual #11, Action Comics #862, Superman #673, Superman/Batman #46, Supergirl #26, and Superman Confidential #12. It is then that the greatest of Trojan warriors, the mighty Hector, can be held back no longer and he challenges any Greek in a struggle to the death to decide the war! LAST OF THE MOHICANS tells the seminal story of a race on the brink of disappearance due to the inexorable push of civilization into the wilderness of the New World. Deep inside the French prison known as the Bastille resides prisoner number 12, Philippe…who is none other than the twin brother of King Louis XIV. This is a classic tale that has thrilled generations of readers, taken in by the allure of the sea — as only Stevenson could present it! Giant-Man and the winsome Wasp have the decks stacked against them as they go up against an array of antagonists from the wild and weird Human Top, Porcupine, Colossus and the Wrecker to the Incredible Hulk, Attuma and Spider-Man! Also presenting the debut of the world’s tallest Avenger’s new look and the Wasp’s own solo feature! Illustrated by Bullpen legend John Romita in some of his very first super hero stories, you’ll see Cap and Bucky fight Fifth Columnists, Commie spies and even the Soviet Electro! Returned from his slumber by an atomic bomb, the Torch has rejoined his young sidekick in a battle to clean up threats as amazing and entertaining as vampires, killer robots and his 1950s nemesis, the Vulture. On Monster Island, surrounded by thousands of Brood, Carol Danvers regains her long lost Binary abilities..the price may be her life! Similar in tone and scope to Dynamite’s acclaimed Lone Ranger series, Zorro features artist Francesco Francavilla who complements Wagner’s pulp-action writing! Creators: Ai Yazawa Description: Takumi and Hachi are getting married, but it's far from a joyous announcement. NOTE: Miranda Mercury #295 is actually the first issue of a brand-new series. ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE #2 - (2 of 4) Full Color Creators: Sheikman & Moran Description: When all you're after is "A Few Rubles More," nothing but trouble awaits!

But after so many years relying on the JSA, can he rediscover the solo street fighter within? JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #42 - Full Color Creators: Written by Dan Raspler / Art and Cover by Christopher Jones & Mark Propst Description: Untold tales of the Justice League! Creators: Written by Bob Kanigher, Dennis O'Neil, Len Wein and Others / Art by Carmine Infantino, Curt Swan, Neal Adams, Jim Aparo and Others / Cover by Aparo, Adams and Bill Draut Description: Available again. Creators: Written by Bob Haney, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman and Others / Art by Jim Aparo, Dick Dillin, Ross Andru, Mike Grell and Others Description: The adventures of the Phantom Stranger continue in this volume collecting stories from Phantom Stranger #22-41, Justice League of America #103, House of Secrets #150, Brave and the Bold #8 and #98! Many a poor naïf has had to learn the facts of life the hard way, but our unfortunate hero is brought up short when he learns the facts of death. SPIRIT #15 - Full Color Creators: Written by Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier / Art by Mike Ploog / Cover by Paul Smith Description: Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? The Hulk is going after it — and might bring down the Helicarrier instead! The last time we flashed back to the life and times of Orson Randall, in the much fan-loved and critically acclaimed IMMORTAL IRON FIST ANNUAL, readers unlocked several secrets affecting Danny Rand, the Iron Fist of today. We promise you spine-tingling chills, ass-kicking action and pulp-fiction adventure like you’ve never seen, featuring gorgeous flashback art by Mitch Breitweiser, Chris Brunner, Russ Heath and Lewis La Rosa! Collecting the first adventures of the Jade Giant in one painstakingly restored volume with every page, every pinup and every letters column. Robert Bruce Banner may have the appearance of a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion, he became the unstoppable engine of destruction know as the Incredible Hulk! Mac Gregor, known for her historical romance novels, is the pen-name of Sherrilyn Kenyon, the best-selling and award-winning American author known for her supernatural romance and vampire novels. With a cover by acclaimed artist Ashley Wood (Zombies vs. DOCTOR WHO #2 - Full Color Creators: Gary Russell (W); Nick Roche (A); Nick Roche (C) Description: The Doctor and Martha discover a new talent in the art world during a visit to 1970s London. Rescuing kidnapping victims (willing and unwilling) Special Skills! Considered an early prototype for Spider-Man and one of the pioneering superhero titles of the Silver Age, The Fly's earliest adventures were charted by some of the most legendary creative talent in comics: Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Jack Davis, and Al Williamson! 1: ORIGIN OF A SUPER TEAM SC - Full Color Creators: Various Description: Available again. (7x10)SHIELD: AMERICAS FIRST PATRIOTIC COMIC BOOK HERO SC - Full Color Creators: Various Description: Available again.

And how long can he prowl the streets of Gotham without attracting the attention of other Gotham heroes? JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #18 - Full Color Creators: Written by Dwayne Mc Duffie & Alan Burnett / Art by Ed Benes & Jonboy Meyers / Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Description: WITNESS THE JLA’S BATTLE WITH THE SUICIDE SQUAD! the Suicide Squad for the salvation of the Earth’s villains! Before they were Unlimited, the League had their individual tales to tell. Reoffered to coincide with SHOWCASE PRESENTS: PHANTOM STRANGER VOL. It sure seems that way when the Spirit tracks a diamond smuggling ring through a beauty pageant! SUICIDE SQUAD: RAISE THE FLAG #6 - (of 8) Full Color Creators: Written by John Ostrander / Art by Javier Pina & Robin Riggs / Cover by John K. The one person standing in the Hulk's path — Iron Man! Orson Randall goes head-to-head again and again versus none other than…the endlessly mystifying and unstoppably powerful Prince of Orphans! INCREDIBLE HERCULES #114 - Full Color Creators: Written by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente / Penciled by Khoi Pham / Cover by Art Adams Description: In the wake of WORLD WAR HULK, the Mighty Avengers are hot on the heels of unrepentant renegades Hercules and Amadeus Cho. Not to mention unused covers, critical essays and bonuses galore! Marvel is proud to present the tales of everyone’s favorite man-monster from the very beginning: From the earliest Stan Lee and Jack Kirby issues that put an irradiated angle on the Dr. Hyde complex to the Steve Ditko’s psychological slobbernockers in TALES TO ASTONISH and the Jade Giant’s return to his solo series, this Hulk-sized collection is the foundation for every purple-pants’d adventure ever! IRON MAN: DEMON IN A BOTTLE HC (VARIANT ED.) - Full Color Creators: Written by David Michelinie & Bob Layton / Penciled by John Romita Jr., Bob Layton & Carmine Infantino / Cover by Bob Layton Description: Iron Man faces his most untouchable foe in criminal industrialist Justin Hammer and his literal army of super-villains! But are her sculptures hiding a deadly secret, and what lengths will her pushy agent go to in an effort to stop Martha unburying the truth. Woodward, Joe Corroney, Dennis Calero, Billy Tucci (A) Description: Fallen Angel recently learned the secrets of her origin, but little good it will do her as she encounters an all-new series of challenges and mysteries… This forth collection features the landmark crossover between Fallen Angel and Billy Tucci’s Shi in a three-part tale transporting the Fallen Angel to the far-off City of the Dead, a spotlight on Jude, and more… (6.625” x 10.187”)GENE SIMMONS' HOUSE OF HORRORS #3 - Full Color Creators: Gene Simmons, Nick Simmons, Erik Burnham, Frank Fradella, Mark Kidwell, Dwight Macpherson, Tom Waltz (W); Erik Burnham, Micah Farritor, Mark Kidwell, Ricardo Sanchez, German Torres (A); Casey Maloney (C) Description: It’s a new year filled with new scares at Gene Simmons House of Horrors. Convenience-store sitting/motorcycle gang thrashing. Pachinko, TV shopping, extricating self from shotgun weddings, etc. This special edition that collects titanic tales from 19 features a cover by fan-favorite, Joe Staton, painstaking restorations of all stories, faithful re-coloring and a foreword by Joe Simon! It's a pop-art explosion as some of the wildest heroes in the history of comic books unite to form one of the most beloved super-teams of the sixties — The Shield! Relive the early days of comics' first super-patriot — a hero with great power, strength, and courage who donned the colors of the American flag, lived for democracy, and protected the world from foes of freedom! Leaping from the pages of Pep Comics #1 in January, 1940, The Shield bested his better-known counterpart by over a year. (7x10)Aspen MLT Inc ASPEN SHOWCASE: GRACE #1 - Full Color Creators: Vince Hernandez & Sana Takeda Description: Aspen's newest anthology series, Aspen Showcase, combines some of today’s finest creators with several of comics best loved properties.

But is the Emerald Archer’s induction into Batman’s new squad cause for celebration…or destruction? #42 - Full Color Creators: Written by Stephen Nilson / Art by Andie Tong & Rob Stull / Cover by Andie Tong Description: There’s a new superhuman in Gotham City, and Batman has to find her before she gets squashed by Bane! BATMAN: LOVERS AND MADMEN HC - Full Color Creators: Written by Michael Green / Art and Cover by Denys Cowan & Prentis Rollins Description: Michael Green, writer/producer of NBC’s smash-hit series HEROES, teams with classic Batman artist Denys Cowan for a tale set early in the career of the Dark Knight that sheds light on who the Joker was before he became the Clown Prince of Crime. BIRDS OF PREY #115 - Full Color Creators: Written by Sean Mc Keever / Art by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood / Cover by Stephane Roux Description: Black Alice flies alongside the Birds of Prey, much to the frustration of Misfit, who's still not been allowed to operate as an official member of the team. CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #22 - Full Color Creators: Written by Jason Hall, Sholly Fisch, Jim Alexander and Robbie Busch / Art by Min S. CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY #42 - Full Color Creators: Written by Robbie Busch and Scott Cunningham / Art by Robert Pope, Christopher Cook, Mike Decarlo and Jeff Albrecht / Cover by Stephanie Gladden Description: A new dance craze is shaking up Camp Kidney! CATWOMAN #76 - Full Color Creators: Written by Will Pfeifer / Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez / Cover by Adam Hughes Description: In the underbelly of the Hell Planet from SALVATION RUN, Catwoman will have to fight through her turbulent past, her nightmarish present and a doom-filled future. Also featuring the first appearance of Weapon Alpha, the cornerstone of both Alpha Flight and Wolverine’s storied past in Weapon X, and a baseball game so wild it could only be the X-Men! The Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy drive the Children of Atom to the edge of disaster, pushing Storm into the depths of childhood horrors, and testing the mettle of Colossus and Wolverine to their utmost. MARVEL PREVIEWS (FEBRUARY 2008) - Full Color Description: Each issue of Marvel Previews will be a comic book-sized, 96-page, full-color guide and preview to all of Marvel’s upcoming releases — it’s your source for advanced Marvel solicitations! The fate of what's left of the human race hangs in the balance as the Civil War between the Marvel Zombies comes to its shattering—and sickening—conclusion! Co-creator Steve Niles and legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz take the 30 Days of Night mythos and turn it on its head in a terrifying new graphic novel. Creators: Arina Tanemura Description: Haine has been stripped of her Platinum status and ousted from the student council. Especially when they walk in on Fuyima and Yoh's sister Asami kissing! In Sword Of Lies, the critically acclaimed series returns to reveal the rise to power of the sorcerer Imbohl — The Red Star’s main villain. Archangel Studios brings back The Red Star with help from Weta Workshop, the New Zealand company that has worked on such theatrical hits as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and Narnia. Archie Comic Publications ARCHIE COMICS SET (7) - Description: Archie #582 – (De Cesare/Goldberg) A Calculated Risk.

And with Green Arrow’s recent run-ins with the League of Assassins, how will he react to having their former leader — Batgirl — as his teammate? BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #14 - Full Color Creators: Written by Tony Bedard / Art and Cover by Rags Morales & Mark Farmer Description: The secret of the Wrath's return is revealed as he demonstrates just how much he knows about Bruce Wayne's life — and his parents' deaths! In this volume, collecting BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #6-12, discover how Batman first crossed paths with the punk who was destined to become his deadliest foe, and see just how far he’ll go in order to bring down the new criminal insanity that's inspiring Gotham City’s underworld. Oracle has her hands full with these two volatile teens, and things are about to get worse! BLUE BEETLE #24 - Full Color Creators: Written by John Rogers / Art and Cover by Rafael Albuquerque Description: Lost in space! Ku, Ethen Beavers, Scott Cohn, Mike Decarlo and Scott Mc Rae / Cover by Travis Kotzebue & Decarlo Description: On a camping trip, Ben’s all set for scary stories, not scary monsters! But the prizes may be more trouble than they’re worth. The only person who can save her is the last person she'd expect to see this far from home: the Batman! CHECKMATE #23 - Full Color Creators: Written by Greg Rucka & Eric Trautmann / Art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson / Cover by Kalman Andrasovfsky Description: “Castling” begins here! #1 (1974), WARLORD #37-39 (1980), and DC COMICS PRESENTS #61 (1983)! CRIME BIBLE: THE FIVE LESSONS OF BLOOD #5 - (of 5) Full Color Creators: Written by Greg Rucka / Art by Manuel Garcia & Jimmy Palmiotti / Cover by John Van Fleet Description: The miniseries concludes with the Parable of the Faceless, as the Question confronts the Dark Faith head-on in a battle that will teach her all of the Lessons of Blood. DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #6 - (of 8) Full Color Creators: Written by Jim Starlin Art and Covers by Starlin & Matt “Batt” Banning Description: Orion recognizes the New Gods’ killer — as he stares into the face of death himself! FLASH #237 - Full Color Creators: Written by Keith Champagne Cover by Freddie Williams Ii / Art by Koi Turnbull & Art Thibert Description: Wally West is at a crossroads — now that he’s got a family, how does he provide for them when he’s never wanted to be anything else but The Flash? MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #33 - Full Color Creators: Written by Paul Tobin / Penciled by David Hahn / Cover by Tom Grummett Description: It's all fun and games when Ben tells a group of schoolchildren a rather fanciful account of a battle against the Rhino, but when the real life Abomination shows up, things turn deadly serious for the Fantastic Four. And then, at the breaking point, comes the return of Magneto! This February issue features items Scheduled to arrive in April 2008! MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #8 - Full Color Description: Contains Marvel Adventures Avengers #8 and X-Men: First Class #8. Forget everything you ever thought you know about 30 Days of Night and return to Barrow in this all-new tale. (6.625” x 10.187”)ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL #4 - Full Color Creators: Joss Whedon & Brian Lynch (Plot); Brian Lynch (W), Franco Urru (A); Andrew Robinson, Urru (C) Description: As the first chapter in this epic tale reaches its penultimate point, Angel issues a challenge to someone—a lot of someones, actually—that he can’t possibly win. Shizumasa refuses to acknowledge her, and she learns that even her adopted family has been lying to her. In Sword Of Lies, the critically acclaimed series returns to reveal the rise to power of the sorcerer Imbohl — The Red Star’s main villain. The topics of feeling pressured to excel academically and cheating to do so are addressed in this issue-length epic.


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