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Restart computer not updating settings

Go back to an earlier build will uninstall the most recent Windows 10 update to your PC.There's a time limit on this option: You can only go back to an earlier build within 10 days of updating.

In an obvious effort to minimize the Control Panel (or perhaps do away with it altogether) in Windows 10, Microsoft has removed Windows Update from the Control Panel and placed it in the new Settings menu.

Windows Update does not know if or when those files will be available to use, so your system requires a reboot to avoid any conflicts.

For security-related updates, your computer is unsafe before that reboot occurs: it is vulnerable to attacks which exploit the issue(s) fixed by the update requiring a reboot.

The Windows Update section is where you'll find (almost) everything you need to manage your Windows 10 updates.

You won't have to visit this section to manually download or install updates -- Windows 10 does all that automatically -- but you can come here to see your update history, change active hours, opt to schedule your restarts for a specific time, and choose how your updates are installed.


  1. Updates that don't require a restart will install right away but ones that do won't restart your computer without. How to Change Windows Update Settings in.

  2. Recovery options in Windows 10. go to Settings Update & security Reset this PC Get started and choose an option. Select Repair your computer.

  3. I want to keep automatic updates enabled but I do not want my computer to. Disable Automatic Forced Restart After Windows Update for. policy settings.

  4. All of your personal files will be deleted and your settings will be reset. a restore point when you install desktop apps and new Windows updates.

  5. How to Stop Windows Update from Automatically. You can get there by selecting Settings from. Windows won't automatically restart your computer after.

  6. Manage device restarts after updates. find Configure auto-restart warning notifications schedule for updates under Computer. do not reboot after an update.

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