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Reverse dns is not updating

Because of the time it takes scavenging to do it’s thing people find this command and get tempted to give it a try. Before a server will even look at a record to see if it will be scavenged the zone must have scavenging enabled.

A change to a record means a change that must be replicated.

After the (Record Timestamp) (No-refresh interval) elapses we enter the Refresh interval.

The refresh interval is the time when refreshes to the timestamp are allowed. The client is allowed to come in and update it’s timestamp.

DNS Scavenging is a great answer to a problem that has been nagging everyone since RFC 2136 came out way back in 1997.

Despite many clever methods of ensuring that clients and DHCP servers that perform dynamic updates clean up after themselves sometimes DNS can get messy. There are two big issues with DNS scavenging that seem to come up a lot: This post should help us figure out when the first issue will happen and completely avoid the second.


  1. If your reverse DNS record does not match the host name of the server. You will see a confirmation on the same page after updating.

  2. Mar 18, 2008 Since we use DHCP mac-reservations for these printers they have not been updating the DNS record. And why is the timestamp not updating.

  3. Folks, I have a Juniper EX4200 DHCP server with Microsoft DNS server 2008, my problem is that since I installed the juniper DHCP server the reverse

  4. A lesser-known task that DNS performs is determining the hostname from an IPv4 address, commonly called reverse resolution. then choose Manage Reverse DNS.

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