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Romsip table is updating

If its that ASUS in your sig Did you put the jumper back on for the CMOS clear??

Or try downloading a later version of the BIOS, rename it to whatever it says to, in the manual Then burn it to cd or copy it to a floppy The corrupted BIOS wasnt on the mobo cd was it??

I know it is a corrupted BIOS or ROMSIP but how can I fix it, or is my mobo dead?

It should reflash it if you put the mobo cd in then reset it / turn it on.

For a start I'm using my local machine with a copy of sql server 2008 express.I don't NEED to pull out all the data, I'm just using that as a consistent test to see if I can cut down the query times. I think this amount of data will be transfered to somewhere.I suppose what I'm asking is: Is there anything I can do to speed up the performance of my queries other than a) upgrading hardware and b) adding indexes (assuming the schema is already good)? First of all - why do you need so many articles at one time at the local machine? And only at this time you should measure the time of transfering the data.I have tried putting the cd in but it doesnt even spin. Thing is I had updated to the latest BIOS and it had worked.It was after when I was fiddling with the CPU multiplier and while it was updating the ROMSIP table that it crashed. SLanguage=en-us&model=P5N-E SLI&board_id=1) See if anyone has had the same prob and a possible fix The battery isnt flat or near flat is it? I'm using it now BUT, I see ASUS have removed this update now (they've done this before, and put it back after).Ok so I bought a new CMOS batt and that didnt help at all. The power came on, and there was no beep (like there usually is). In the end, I had to pull the CMOS jumper (I didnt remove the battery), off and short it on the other pin Phew. So, not too sure if it was buggy, or missing code or what.I'm thinking of taking the board back to where I bought it and see if they can either fix it or give me a new board as it's still under warranty. I have a dual-core processor, 2GB ram and a 64bit OS (if that makes a difference).I'm only using a simple table with about 6 varchar fields. This took a ridiculously long amount of time so I cancelled and added a clustered index (using the PK) to the table. I have no idea if this is the best I can get or whether I'm still able to cut this down even further?They brag without even realizing it, and their conversations must focus far more on them than on you. So I went into the BIOS to set my settings again (RAID etc) and also set my CPU multiplier from 6x to the usual 8x.


  1. Can anyone explain this message i get after adjusting the bios setingsdont get it everytime everytime romsip table is updating 1404 bios.

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  3. FIXED FOR NOW Computer Won't Install Windows. Discussion in 'Computer Help' started by spc hink, Mar 2, 2008. You might get a "updating ROMSIP table" message.

  4. Stuck CPU temp censor. once i hit that magic number and hit f10 to save, on the reboot it says "ROMSIP Table Updating" could this be doing anything to the temp.

  5. ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS dead after a "ROMSIP table update. ROMSIP TABLE UPDATING. or somethink like that", so i had to manually cut the power off.

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