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Sakura and sasuke dating games

Sakura walked back into her room and took another glance at her mirror.Then she walked to the curtains twirling a loose strand of pink hair with her index finger." she said, pretending to go in a deep thought position. Sakura walked towards her bag and grabbed out her car keys.She headed over to her black convertible Cadillac and sat in the drivers' seat.

Sakura turned on the shower and quickly stripped her clothes. It's time to go to school.""Didn't you hear what I just said? Haruno replied before she started walking to the door. " Sakura asked, annoyed that her sleep was being disturbed."Fine, just wake up in an hour. School doesn't start for another 2 hours and a half! She calmly walked over to Sakura's bed and lightly shook her."Sweetie, wake up. It starts in two hours and thirty minutes.""Oh, well you could've just said so," Mrs.She examined the pink rhinestones formed in the shape of a cherry blossom design on her phone, flipping it open to see if she missed anything."You have one unread text message." Sakura read aloud."Hmm…what could it be?Grabbing the hair dryer, she dried her hair and put it up in a bun with two chopsticks in it that had some strands of hair sticking out.She put on a light pink halter top with a short blue miniskirt.It was a bright and sunny day in the peaceful town of Konoha. As the sun rose it shone brightly through the windows of the Haruno mansion. The porcelain skin she had was a nice tone so every time she'd blush, which she did often, it would look natural on her cheeks. As she reached it she turned around and said, "Sakura, you may be 17 years old, but you're not the boss in this house. Your otousan and I have to leave for work, so have a nice day at school honey." Her mother said, and then she turned around and left the room.Meet new student Haruno Sakura, a former playgirl who quickly regains her title. Her parents had gotten assigned a new job in Konoha so Sakura had to move all the way from Tokyo, Japan.But, after an "accidental" encounter, will things start to heat up? Summary: Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the hottest playboy in Konoha High. They slowly looked at the digital clock that sat idly next to the bed. After finally settling in the new home, she had to get settled to going to a new school.


  1. Mar 10, 2018. naruto dating sim walkthrough sasuke. Naruto dating sim in this online naruto game you gather your intelligence, charm, chakra, and strength and spar against naruto, sasuke and lee. Training. A guard, which had been stationed in the outer, or anteroom, and whose spirits were already in a state of alarm.

  2. Mar 24, 2013. Loading Complete. Play. Dating sim. Play music Stop music. 1.0. Choose your character. Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura Haruno. Sasuke Uchiha. not yet finished. Next. Sasuke- My name is ''Sasuke Uchiha'' and I am a former hidden leaf Shinobi. now stop asking me questions so we can get started already.

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