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Communities remained independent of each other, unlike the situation in Denmark, which is lowland. The sea was the easiest way of communication between the Norwegian kingdoms and the outside world.

In the eighth century, Scandinavians began to build ships of war and send them on raiding expeditions which started the Viking Age.

New dictionaries of the Old Norse language enabled more Victorians to read the Icelandic Sagas.

In Scandinavia, the 17th-century Danish scholars Thomas Bartholin and Ole Worm and Swedish scholar Olaus Rudbeck were the first to use runic inscriptions and Icelandic Sagas as primary historical sources.

Harald I of Norway ("Harald Fairhair") had united Norway around this time and displaced many peoples.

As a result, these people sought for new bases to launch counter-raids against Harald.

To remedy this, these landless men took to piracy to obtain material wealth.

The population continued to grow, and the pirates looked further and further beyond the borders of the Baltic, and eventually into all of Europe.

Assisted by Danish detective Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia), green-eyed Saga, played by acclaimed Swedish actress Sofia Helin, lights up the screen, striding about in tight leather trousers as her long blonde hair flows behind her.Vikings would plant crops after the winter and go raiding as soon as the ice melted on the sea, then return home with their loot in time to harvest the crops.As a result, many Scandinavians found themselves with no property and no status.Information about the Viking Age is drawn largely from what was written about the Vikings by their enemies, and primary sources of archaeology, supplemented with secondary sources such as the Icelandic Sagas.when Vikings destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne, a centre of learning on an island off the northeast coast of England in Northumberland.Scholars outside Scandinavia did not begin to extensively reassess the achievements of the Vikings until the 1890s, recognising their artistry, technological skills, and seamanship.Until recently, the history of the Viking Age had largely been based on Icelandic Sagas, the history of the Danes written by Saxo Grammaticus, the Kievan Rus's Primary Chronicle, and The War of the Irish with the Foreigners.The economic model states that the Viking Age was the result of growing urbanism and trade throughout mainland Europe.As the Islamic world grew, so did its trade routes, and the wealth which moved along them was pushed further and further north.It is the period of history when Scandinavian Norsemen explored Europe by its seas and rivers for trade, raids, colonization, and conquest.In this period, the Norsemen settled in Norse Greenland, Newfoundland, and present-day Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Normandy, Scotland, England, Ireland, Isle of Man, the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey.


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