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The problem that she has found with abstinence pledges is that teens have misconceptions about what it means to be a virgin.

“Teen girls don’t understand what virginity is,” Di Marco says, “so everything except intercourse is considered okay even by Christian girls.” These behaviors can include everything from deep kissing and heavy petting to oral sex.

Hayley is the bestselling author of a number of books including Sexy Girls, Technical Virgin, Mean Girls, Dateable and Technical Virgin and has spoken at conferences including Women of Faith.

Michael spearheads Hungry Planet consulting projects, publishing initiatives and the book design process.

Understand the purpose of dating and how to respect ourselves and each other.

Four video Bible studies on these topics: Boundaries The Role of Dating Tough Issues for Guys Tough Issues for Girls Michael & Hayley Di Marco work side-by-side at Hungry Planet, a company committed to publishing spiritually-based content for teens and young adults.

Typically, their parents are shocked and overwhelmed when they find out.Other research shows that each day 8,000 teenagers in the United States will become infected with an STD, with more than 3 million teens becoming infected this year alone.(See Note 1 below.) Popular Christian campaigns like True Love Waits -- a program that encourages teens to pledge that they will remain virgins until they get married – are not enough, Di Marco said.This method uses exactly the same parent and daughter isotopes as the potassium-argon method.In effect, it is a different way of telling time from the same clock.Instead of simply comparing the total potassium with the non-air argon in the rock, this method has a way of telling exactly what and how much argon is directly related to the potassium in the rock. Your partner has left you to fend for yourself in a world that seems increasingly complex and unfriendly.The reason is unimportant, but you've gone through a period of acclimatization and have decided you are emotionally ready to start dating again. The Bible doesn’t tell us how to ask someone out and Scripture doesn’t say what the perfect date would look like.But God gives clear guidance on how we should treat our bodies and how we should treat others … In these four video sessions, Hayley and Michael Di Marco use practical and Biblical guidelines to help teens figure out how to build healthy relationships with the opposite sex. Real-life interviews with teenagers from across the country.The reason parents are often the last to know, she said, is because parents do not fully understand how commonplace these sexual behaviors have become in their children’s generation.The teens have been desensitized by the sexual messages on television, in movies, in magazines, and from their friends.


  1. Sex. Dating. / Sex Dating with Hayley DiMarco, A 4-part video driven bible study for youth groups, DVD, Bluefish TV 9781572751101 and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.

  2. A four part video Bible study for youth groups that takes a look at what the Bible say about sex.

  3. Do you have a hard time getting a date or relating to the opposite sex. from Sex. Dating. youth study series with Michael & Haley Dimarco.

  4. Contains Mature Teaching Topics *What does the Bible say about dating? The Bible doesn't tell us how to ask someone out and Scripture doesn't say what the perfect date would look like. But God gives clear guidance on how we should treat our bodies and how we should treat others including the opposite sex. In these four youth.

  5. Sexy Girls How Hot Is Too Hot. you want the attention of the opposite sex. Hayley DiMarco has a passion for producing relevant material for teens.

  6. RightNow Media Originals; Parenting; Youth; Marriage; Men;. Sex and Dating. Michael DiMarco What If I Am Dissatisfied With My Sex.

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