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Rome is paving the way for people to believe aliens are our saviors and are coming to help us. We are witnessing a masterful satanic subterfuge that appears to involve the appearance of ‘angels’ and ‘aliens.’ Many are asking whether the coming of Antichrist can be far removed.

From the Bible we learn that such an evil day surely lies ahead.

Telly Savalas famous encounter with the black Caddilac and Harry Agannis.

The Following narrative has been compiled from various sources but the main one is John Keel “Our Haunted Planet”.

242-3); An interview with the former Deputy Commander of the KGB Nikolay Alekseyevich Sham. Excerpts: AE: “Nikolay Alekseyevich, in 1991, with this file, at that moment, what was your position in the KGB? This is not a hallucination; here he exactly Figure 11. A female witness named Iva Gospina who had previously seen various UFOs maneuvering over the area woke up late at night feeling apprehensive suspecting someone had broken into the apartment.

” NAS: “From September ‘91 I was Deputy Chairman of KGB and remained at that position until June of ‘92. AE: “In your service, what did you oversee or control that is connected with what we now call UFO; what units and projects were under your control? She checked the apartment and found her family sleeping and everything else in order.

The next day Savalas was shaken by newspaper headlines announcing the sudden death of Harry Agannis He decided to call the phone number on the slip of paper given to him by the man in the white suit. Savalas told her he wanted to speak to Bill, the name on the paper.

There was a pause, and another woman came on the line.

Two of them wore diving suits similar in color to frosted glass, and the third wore a golden scaly suit.


This was another demonic encounter in the opinion of Sol-war.

Once, Leonov helped Russian female cosmonaut Savitskaya sneak out of the confined quarters (before her scheduled flight), and take back streets to get to the stores to buy materials to sew together a blouse.

Leonov and Savitskaya sewed lead pieces into the sleeves, so that she could wear (Savitskaya smuggled the blouse into the aircraft) it and surprise her colleagues during the flight’s weightlessness.


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