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of the Revised Code to exercise parental rights over a child to the extent provided in the court's order and subject to the residual parental rights of the child's parents.

(18) "Habitual truant" means any child of compulsory school age who is absent without legitimate excuse for absence from the public school the child is supposed to attend for thirty or more consecutive hours, forty-two or more hours in one school month, or seventy- two or more hours in a school year.

When traveling through the United States, it's like the song goes: you can see mountains, prairies, and oceans, sometimes within the same day.

The cultural, historical, and topographical diversity of these fifty states is what makes America, well, America.

(2) "Adult" means an individual who is eighteen years of age or older.

(3) "Agreement for temporary custody" means a voluntary agreement authorized by section 5103.15 of the Revised Code that transfers the temporary custody of a child to a public children services agency or a private child placing agency.

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(17) "Guardian" means a person, association, or corporation that is granted authority by a probate court pursuant to Chapter 2111.From vast forests in the Pacific Northwest to the geological marvel of the Grand Canyon in the Southwest; the anachronistic mix of world-class urban development with centuries of history in the Northeast, to the rich cultures and big waves of the Hawaiian islands, the United States is a true treasure trove for any traveler.Use our map of the United States, as well as our satellite map and printable map to help you plan your next epic adventure.(4) "Private noncustodial agency" means any person, organization, association, or society certified by the department of job and family services that does not accept temporary or permanent legal custody of children, that is privately operated in this state, and that does one or more of the following:(a) Receives and cares for children for two or more consecutive weeks; (b) Participates in the placement of children in certified foster homes; (c) Provides adoption services in conjunction with a public children services agency or private child placing agency.(B) As used in this chapter:(1) "Adequate parental care" means the provision by a child's parent or parents, guardian, or custodian of adequate food, clothing, and shelter to ensure the child's health and physical safety and the provision by a child's parent or parents of specialized services warranted by the child's physical or mental needs.(10) "Counseling" includes both of the following:(a) General counseling services performed by a public children services agency or shelter for victims of domestic violence to assist a child, a child's parents, and a child's siblings in alleviating identified problems that may cause or have caused the child to be an abused, neglected, or dependent child.(b) Psychiatric or psychological therapeutic counseling services provided to correct or alleviate any mental or emotional illness or disorder and performed by a licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, or a person licensed under Chapter 4757.of the Revised Code and that has jurisdiction under this chapter and Chapter 2152.of the Revised Code; (c) If division (A)(1)(a) or (b) of this section does not apply, the probate division of the court of common pleas. of the Revised Code, with the exception of those sections providing for the criminal prosecution of adults, shall be liberally interpreted and construed so as to effectuate the following purposes: (A) To provide for the care, protection, and mental and physical development of children subject to Chapter 2151.of the Revised Code, whenever possible, in a family environment, separating the child from the child's parents only when necessary for the child's welfare or in the interests of public safety; (B) To provide judicial procedures through which Chapters 2151. of the Revised Code are executed and enforced, and in which the parties are assured of a fair hearing, and their constitutional and other legal rights are recognized and enforced. (A) As used in the Revised Code:(1) "Juvenile court" means whichever of the following is applicable that has jurisdiction under this chapter and Chapter 2152.


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