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During the day, snow showers affected the North and North-East of Scotland and England.A minimum temperature of -7.0 °C was recorded in Woodford.This cold spell brought further snow and ice chaos back to the British Isles with Southern England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland (excluding the westerly coastal regions) and Northern Ireland bearing the brunt of the wintry conditions.This led to severe disruption to the road and rail network with several airports being closed including London Heathrow Airport for a time.A maximum snow depth of 30 inches (76 cm) was recorded on 1 December in the Peak District, Sheffield, the Cotswold Hills and the Forest of Dean.In this event Scotland and Northern England were most severely affected.Snow began to fall in the early evening on 24 November.Within an hour of the snow beginning to fall around 2 inches was recorded in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Eurostar rail services to the continent were cancelled on 20 December causing severe delays with queues at St Pancras station stretching more than half a mile as far back as the British Library. services were cancelled on the East Coast main line between London and Peterborough due to damage to overhead power cables caused by accretion of ice.The winter of 2010–2011 was a weather event that brought heavy snowfalls, record low temperatures, travel chaos and school disruption to the islands of Britain and Ireland.It included the United Kingdom's coldest December since Met Office records began in 1910, with a mean temperature of -1 °C, breaking the previous record of 0.1 °C in December 1981.During the latter part of November, northern blocking established over Greenland which resulted in the Jet Stream moving south, allowing cold air to flow in from the east.Forecasters warned of the potential for severe winter weather from weeks in advance and the Government stated that they were prepared for winter weather after the previous British winter of 2009–2010 caused havoc and widespread disruption.Snow fell across northern and eastern parts of Scotland and England which caused disruption during the evening, particularly in Aberdeen.The Met Office issued many weather warnings and confirmed that the snowfall was the earliest widespread snowfall since 1993.As of 4 December 7 people have been confirmed to have died due to the cold weather.Christmas is usually the most profitable period for the pub and restaurant industry, however, due to disruptions to delivery routes, numerous stock outs and disappointing trading updates were reported.A snow storm had moved on from southern Sweden on the 22nd to dust both Northumberland and the Scottish Borders Region during the 23rd before being absorbed on the 24th into the main weather system that started advancing from Scandinavia on the 23rd.Light snow fell in Aberdeenshire, Northumberland, parts of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Birmingham on those days as the first storms began to clear up on the 23rd.


  1. NHS Highland managers are facing hard questions over the latest reduction in out-of-hours services in North West Sutherland, writes Anne Macdonald. New owners for Garvault Adrian Aderyn, one of the new owners of the Garvault Hotel, near Kinbrace, is no stranger to wide open spaces, having recently run a lodge in the.

  2. Jun 3, 2012. site at - we will keep this up-to-date with any further changes announced by the Government. Domestic Abuse has no boundaries in terms of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, wealth or geography. Letting Zone - noRTH wesT suTHeRland - ZSU10. Town/village code.

  3. Jun 14, 2013. Mrs Carolyn Lesley Eileen Date. Secretary and chorus manager, Bournemouth Symphony Chorus. For services to. Kinbrace, Sutherland. Govinder Singh Dhaliwal. For services to the community and. For services to adult education. West Drayton, Middlesex. Basir Sultan Kazmi. Poet. For services to.

  4. FOREWORD. SSE is involved in a business that really matters – providing the energy people and business need. So we must do it responsibly. That includes being a responsible neighbour, going beyond the minimum and becoming an active contributor in the communities where we live and work. This is particularly.

  5. Of birds if more than one, and age and sex if known in the cases of spring and summer records, however, the age is. dates; and 6 observer or observers up to three in number, in alphabetical order. ii No record which would. Sutherland Kinbrace, 21st June Mr and Mrs J. Loates. South and east Europe and.

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