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Sex dating in west allis wisconsin

The application shall be filed with the City Clerk not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the granting of such license.

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Authorities have said the women were killed elsewhere and expect homicide charges to be filed in other counties.

Zelich allegedly told police he met Gamez online in 2012, and the two eventually met in August of that year at a Kenosha hotel, where he said they stayed for "two or three days," reports WDJT.

The late filing fee shall be nonrefundable unless a quorum of the Common Council is not able to meet and shall be in addition to the license fee. Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Section 125.185, the City Clerk is authorized to issue provisional retail licenses.

Licenses shall be granted only to applicants who have possessed a valid retail license for the sale of alcoholic beverages within the past year.


  1. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee excels in teaching, research and service to the community while fueling the Wisconsin economy.

  2. See crimes, incidents and sex offenders in West Allis, WI on CrimeReports.

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