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I think I have too much air in my ears again, oh wait, air is a liquid, so it'll just slide right out of there! " :: He said with a cheerfull voice now as the guard growled at him then:: "It is NOT a GAS!BLOOD IS NOT A --" :: The guard would be thrown to the ground then as he put the pipe into both hands then:: "Do you mind holding onto this for me? " :: He shouted, throwing it to the guard as the guard would shout as it hit him, a painful expression coming onto his face before he would pass out with his tounge hanging out:: "Eww, nasty thing." :: He would state before walking off with a cheerful expression now:: "Freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom! " :: Everyone would give him the wildest look as he laughed:: "What are you all bozo's looking at? I should be boss, I should be running things around here...Ayaka then walked out to the lab to notice a female android dusting the floor. Two mechanical arms came out of Ayakas back and lifted the android up and pinning it to the wall.Then the android noticed Ayaka and turned her head 180 degrees letting out a metallic "hello" before sparks started flying and she broke down. Then a plug came out of the wall and inserted into the back of the android.Ayaka then went downstair to the maid cafe to see if anyone was down there yet.Tamike woke up from his long sleep and realized that he was in a hospital bedroom. It was metallic and wrapped in a blue and red leather.

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She then pulled the face out from the head like a drawer out of a shelf and replaced the broken parts.They have a live demonstration of their android maids in their own maidcafe.The androids arent flawless but malfunctions can be easily repaired.Character sheet: Name Age Gender Role (Android maid, employee, client, friend)Appearance Clothing Expertise (employee only)Traits Personality Background These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. The sunlight glared on her skin and her implanted communication modules alarm went off.Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately? She woke up and cleaned herself before putting a blue kimono on that had white frilly trims and also putting on a fitting headdress and a blue ribbon like choker with a white lace trim.We have early birds today..." Mai sighed but threw the covers of her bare body, standing up in her legs; they felt strange somehow, like a light pain was straining on them.She walked over to the mirror and studied her form; pale in comparison to the dark room, pefectly made and shapely, but her breast size made her want to scream.Every weekend the company offers a class to make simpler robots.Even though the company seems so perfect, they still have some problems that might occur like when one of the android maids short circuits and goes on a rampage.Mai nodded once, then took the plate of eggs that he held out to her.She spun around and dashed over to where he stood, yet, suddenly, her legs broke underneath her, the plate of eggs hitting the large window beside him and landing in the man's lap. His father and mine are the founders of this company, which makes Tamike like a cousin.


  1. Roleplay in “Build a Bot” — The Kurobot Corporation is a small company with few employees but is known for its revolutionary robot technology. Clients.

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