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For an additional fee, you can also upgrade your seating arrangements for this tour. Once you’ve met your guide and boarded the coach bus, sit back and relax as your tour guide takes you to more than three dozen spots that were featured in the hit HBO show , as well as the movies. tour near the Plaza Hotel a little before your departure time.This tour is offered at 11a.m., 1p.m., and 3p.m., so you can choose which time fits best with your schedule. I had previously taken this tour when I was in New York so when I returned I strongly recommended this tour to my friends as they were also fans of the show and no one was disappointed. PATTAYA, Thailand -- A Belarusian woman jailed in Thailand for offering sex lessons without a work permit says she has a story to tell involving the Kremlin, Russian billionaires and even the president of the United States.Anastasia Vashukevich, whose extraordinary claims and racy selfies have propelled her to internet fame in recent weeks, told The Associated Press from a police van Wednesday that she fears for her life, and wants to exchange information on alleged Russian ties to Donald Trump's campaign for her own personal safety.But she refused for now to offer any such evidence, and it's not clear if she has any.

Robinson turned himself in last week and entered a not guilty plea on February 7. A video showing a woman performing oral sex on a man inside a Florida courthouse before posting it on Twitter has prompted charges against two people.Jones appeared smiling in court Thursday with purple hair.Her lawyer defended her against the charges.'I think it's a very, very big stretch.A video of her performing a sex act on a man circulated on Facebook in 2015.Jones' grandmother said the 26-year-old had a son.'I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom. According to her very X-rated Twitter profile, Jones works as a stripper at Jacksonville Topless Bar Cocktails.You can also stroll the streets of the Meatpacking District, where Samantha lived for a short while. A woman who posted a video of herself on social media giving oral sex to a man inside of a courthouse has been arrested.reports Argentina has one of the highest traffic-related deaths in the world.The video is quite the sight as you can see the woman bouncing up and down as the man, who remains unnamed, gives the finger to the photographer, and then attempts to navigate down the road.Her father told News4Jax that he wasn't ashamed of his daughter's action but he was disappointed.He said it wasn't the first time she had posted sexually explicit content online and the family had been trying to get to stop for years.


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