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On the 8th evening while recording SBS 'Ye Sin Man Man', Junjin talks about his parent's divorce and he was brought up by his grandmother, and 4 years ago his step mom found his birthmom and finally they met.

Junjin says "my current step mom found my birth mom 4 years ago""That afternoon i was sitting in a coffee shop looking at older people walking in and out.

Because of missing me, she even went to do lots of charity work, just not to let me feel ashame about her.

Article: [Exclusive] Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo and model Go So Hyun, dating for a year... [ 203, -10] Isn't she the Go So Hyun from Korea's Next Top Model? [ 144, -26] Wasn't she dating another model before? But on Korea's Next Top Model, she had quite the temper on her... [ 793, -46] Well it's time for Shinhwa to get married now anyway, they're heading towards their forties3. [ 121, -13] She had such a bad image on Korea's Next Top Model, but I guess things are working out for her now6.

He’s seriously popular now, dubbed as the perfect husband.I swear to god, sometimes those crazy bitches need to be shoved off a cliff. I saw a segment with him and his parents and he is really close with his mom.He has had several life accidents, some even life threatening.Eric Mun es un chico nuevo en una escuela cuyas reglas son decididas por un grupo de muchachos apodados como “La Triada” que a pesar de su apariencia amable y angelical pueden convertir tu vida en todo un infierno. Dongwan and Hyesung meet online in their early adulthood, Dongwan's slightly older than Hyesung.trigger warnings: contains mentions of suicide and depression.To have to worry about Junjin who misses his birth mom so much, his step mom personally found his birth mom and made them meet up.Junjin express "My birthmom could not forgive herself ever since we was seperated.But i feel sorry to my grandmother." and junjin drop his tears.He was innocent and didnt meant to hurt his grandmother and til now he still feel regret about it, while Junjin is still crying he mention that he's grateful and thankful to his grandmother who is currently staying with his dad now.Shinhwa means Friendship, Longevity, Together Forever no matter what.Friends who will always be there for each other, no disbanding, whatever the problem is they will discuss it among themselves.


  1. Dating Shinhwa the adult version. By yshinnoona Updated Sep 22, 2017. Characters Shinhwa and original character. With 24 chapters.

  2. Eric Moon Jung-Hyuk Contents. 1 User Rating; 2. Shinhwa answered that at one time they also wanted to advance their. Now that I know he's dating someone.

  3. May 18, 2008 Jindy, the Dongsaengs. Posted by onshinhwa on. Andy’s often pointed out as the least talented and useful in Shinhwa and after he released his.

  4. Eric Mun Jung Hyuk of Shinhwa. Korean drama called "Lovers" and are currently dating. Kim Hyo Jin Shinhwa. And Real Life Korean Celebrity Couples.

  5. Also known as Eric Moon Eric Mun Real name 문정혁 / Moon Jung Hyuk Mun Jeong Hyeok. Kpop group Leader/rapper of the Korean boyband Shinhwa; Religion.

  6. Nov 12, 2006 Junjin Cried Sharing His Parents Sad, Experiences on YaShimManMan Show Shinhwa member Junjin expose saying met up with his birthmom 4 years ago.

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