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Apparently Andy being romantically linked to a female celeb doesn’t bode well with them.They cite all sorts of reason which ultimately condemn this union. Junjin’s parents were also divorced when he was little because his dad, Charlie Park were pretty wandering and irresponsible. When they finally met again years later, she, his own biological mother, told him to not contact her again because of some stuff. It was said that she would refuse to feed him or something. She’s the good one who took care of him and raised him well. [ 12, -7] A shortie like Lee Min Woo is dating a model? [ 17, -17] Lee Min Woo's a total ajusshi, is she nuts 7. I’ve seen on countless videos how his hyungs just tell him stuff to do and he would do them without much thoughts. Other rumours were that Andy couldn’t stand the way he was treated by SM, even going as far as trying to kill himself. Andy’s parents were divorced when he was a teenager and that seemed to be one of the sources of his unhappiness.

Junjin says "my current step mom found my birth mom 4 years ago""That afternoon i was sitting in a coffee shop looking at older people walking in and out.

Shinhwa means Friendship, Longevity, Together Forever no matter what.

Friends who will always be there for each other, no disbanding, whatever the problem is they will discuss it among themselves.

When he was little, he almost drowned and this was the source of his long time water phobia. Up until last year, Andy’s gigs consist mainly of variety show guestings and some minor acting jobs. He acted in mediocre dramas and released a quite successful single, proving that his singing skills were much better than people had thought.

He’s fine now, but if you watch some old videos, he rarely went close to water. But their careers were no match for the more established hyungs.


  1. Shinhwa's leader and rapper, Eric Mun, has been reported to dating a younger actress by twelve years, Na Hye Mi. According to multiple reports, Eric and

  2. Eric Mun was born Mun Chong-hyok on 16 February 1979 and mononymously credited as Eric. He is a Korean American singer and actor known as the leader and rapper of six-member boy band Shinhwa and his lead roles in Korean dramas The Phoenix and Super Rookie.

  3. Eric Moon Jung-Hyuk Contents. 1 User Rating; 2. Shinhwa answered that at one time they also wanted to advance their. Now that I know he's dating someone.

  4. Jul 17, 2015 damn she's the same age as me. i can't imagine dating lee minwoo! although it's probably not my place to be imagining it anyways. Reply Delete

  5. Dating Shinhwa the adult version. By yshinnoona Updated Sep 22, 2017. Characters Shinhwa and original character. With 24 chapters.

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