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or maybe they want to leash and muzzle the president…

and perhaps stuff him into a pet carrier and drown him in the Potomac.

Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.

And lies wont help us in this fight." The Doctor: Im not trying to win. Its not even because it works because it hardly ever does.

Not to be confused with a World of Cardboard (and other materials). Hey, you know, maybe theres no point to any of this at all. Named for the popular scene from featuring Superman. Fans have long complained about how widely his power level varies throughout The DCU. The Judge: The law is the end product of many years of history... The speech itself can vary depending on the revelation, but the crux of this trope revolves around the epiphany that the speech giver still has the power to effectively oppose their foe.Universal to all of these speeches is that realization and being subsequently empowered because of it. I have been shamefully forbidden to serve in any military.You can expect a Moment of Awesome if the villain attempts Breaking Them By Talking and the hero responds with a "World of Cardboard" Speech. The villain may respond with "This Is Gonna Suck." Compare Right Makes Might, Rousing Speech, Heroic Second Wind, He's Back, Fridge Brilliance, Let's Get Dangerous! I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something, to break A fundamental part of telling a story is conflict: you want the hero to have their problems and, hopefully, overcome them in a satisfactory manner.A "World of Cardboard" speech is where the hero acknowledges that this mental block has been limiting them.For the moment, it’s fun to ruminate on these things, the possibilities are so rich. As it happens, just this morning the National Hurricane Center has a storm called “Nate” aimed squarely into New Orleans, ETA Sunday.Now that would be an event the USA does not need, considering how things have gone weather-wise this year. But I doubt the president was referring to that the other day.


  1. Oct 22, 2010. "Download "I'm Shithead" on iTunes NOW AND SAVE YOUR DUMB LOVE LIFE." -Shithead Spotify http.

  2. The "World of Cardboard" Speech trope as used in popular culture. A fundamental part of telling a story is conflict you want the hero to have their problems

  3. Nov 26, 2011. I'm Shithead and I can only count to 6. What the heck come after 6? 3+4=? I'm Shithead and I always wear clothes. I'm a machine. Please date me. Thanks Computer. Thanks Computer I'm Shithead. “ The Accurate Source To Find Lyrics To Thanks, Computer – I'm Shithead.” Thanks.

  4. James Howard Kunstler is the author of many books including non-fiction The Geography of Nowhere, The City in Mind Notes on

  5. Dec 13, 2011. Hide replies. Red Agent1 year ago. I don't understand how this video doesn't have a BILLION views! Priceless!. Who needs Beyonce when you have Shithead?. Read more. Show less. Reply 398 399. Anthony Padilla3 years ago. The black flip is the best freaking thing about this video! 3. Read more.

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