Bottom Line: Facebook and other Social Networks are here to stay, the world will keep getting smaller and smaller and perhaps that’s for the best, but this just means that we have increasingly larger battlegrounds upon which we must combat digital douchiness.

Approach your Internet Self the exact same way you would your Real Self.

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is the Town Hall of our time.

She has flared the magic of romance in some television series including, ‘Man With A Plan’ where she portrays excellent beau of on-screen husband, Matt Le Blanc.In many ways the Facebooks and Twitters of the world are doing us a favor, we’re learning to speak in clear, concise and short declarative sentences, but Gentlemen, you must never contribute to the destruction of our language in any way; if you have to shorten your ‘too’ to ‘2’, you’re failing, you’re simply doing it wrong. Rule Number Three: Censor Your Damn Self If you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t say it. The only circumstance where this would be permissible is if you actually had yourself surgically connected to your partner to the extent that you are now legally considered one person.Take a quick look at yourself in the mirror, if this is not the case, start your own damn Facebook page. Leave the cryptically depressing shit at the bottom of a fine glass of something single malt.If you find yourself succumbing to the urge to play Farmville or any of it’s affiliates look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions: Am I fit? Am I the strong, healthy, successful and well-balanced man I’ve always wanted to be? The purpose of these games is to quite literally waste your time.Time is the only thing you will never have more of and to waste it is the worst thing a Gentleman can do to himself.The internet is no longer just a place to waste time, it’s a realm of existence that is quite literally defining our way of life; your virtual interactions reflect upon you just as clearly as your physical ones do.As always, be courteous, think before you act, and be a Gentleman at all times.To keep things easy, I’ve outlined a few simple rules that should guide you safely on the Gentleman’s digital journey.Rule Number One: Keep Your Damn Shirt On If your Facebook profile is littered with pictures of you half naked, screaming at the top of your lungs, chugging beer out of a sports helmet while having your chest hair waxed at a baseball game, you are a Douchebag.I will guarantee you I spend more time online, on Facebook (even with the link open in the background) than I do in transit in a day, and I’d venture a guess to say that most of you do as well.This isn’t to say that the entire time I’m online I’m actually people (who aren’t paying me) in a day.


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