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Production was highly limited and may have been as few as just two guns, one a crude prototype made of iron, the other a finished weapon made from brass.

ROA WINS WEST COAST SPRINT AT KELLER AUTO SPEEDWAY Hanford, CA........ won Saturday night's 30-lap USAC West Coast Sprint race at Keller Auto Speedway at Kings Fairgrounds.

A rate of 9 rounds per minute compared favourably to musketeers of the period, who could be expected to fire between 2 and 5 rounds per minute depending on the quality of the troops, with experienced troops expected to reliably manage 3 rounds a minute under fair conditions; it was however inferior in fire rate to earlier repeating weapons such as the Kalthoff repeater which fired up to six times faster.

The Puckle gun drew few investors and never achieved mass production or sales to the British armed forces.

I have just over 1,000 legal miles on my 73 TCS since finishing her up.

I added a MSD Ignition unit to help control detonation under boost.


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