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She is warm, enthusiastic, yet friendly and professional.

Most clients quickly take a liking to her and recognise her professionalism.

 We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland with over 2000 members. They are working and living here in Australia and New Zealand.

80% of them are permanent residents or citizens of these two countries.

Prior to coming to Australia, she worked and lived in many other countries including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai and Egypt.

She has been a management assistant and an administrator in the travel sector.

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They have strong interests in Asian culture or people. Our founder and senior consultant Eva Chen has over 20 years working experience in this industry. She is also a relationship column write for over 10 years.

But most importantly, Eva is still a hands on consultant.

She personally looks after matching and consultation.

Our experienced and friendly consultants seek to gain an understanding of your needs, likes and dislikes and then use their professional judgement to introduce you to suitable potential partners.

It's always your choice to proceed with an introduction - there is no obligation.


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