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But for all of the things I was doing right, my health was still spiraling downward. Last year, I sought help from a holistic doctor- Dr. So I consider him to be qualified to answer my questions and yours.

I knew that my typical bloodwork would again be “normal” and that I’d get a shrug and an offer for anti-depressants from a regular doctor. Rob at Alternacare, and he opened my eyes to the *real* issue with adrenal fatigue. Rob a couple weeks ago here on my blog, and he answered my questions about what the difference is between a “regular” [allopathic] doctor, and a holistic doctor. Rob and I sit down and chat about adrenal fatigue…is it a real thing? I hope you’re as interested as I am in this topic, and many, many thanks to Dr.

As a result, you will take adrenal supplements forever and always be looking for the next best thing to finally help you overcome your symptoms.By “connected” I mean they communicate directly to one another via the hormones they produce. The adrenal issue or adrenal fatigue is often a secondary problem. If the bacteria or parasite is not handled then the glands will never be free of this stress.I won’t go into more detail here but I will say it is first the adrenals responding to an abnormal stress and when they have responded to this stress too long (like the parasite example I gave above) it alters the connection between the adrenals and hypothalamus—breaking down the HPA axis. Meaning the adrenal glands are just responding to an infection, or toxin or deficiency state in the body. Much like the person who never gets a break from exercise the adrenal glands will eventually fatigue.If we think it is a pathogen of some sort then we look at different options like energetic biofeedback test on their urine, saliva and DNA, a stool study, or various tests done via blood. Gwen: There is some controversy as to whether or not the term “Adrenal Fatigue” is accurate…what is your take on it?Some people say it’s more accurate to say “HPA axis dysfunction” instead of “Adrenal Fatigue” Dr.Rob for taking time to share this information with us. Rob’s help, and I want to share this info with others. He’s just here to share as a friend and as my personal doctor.Gwen: Can you give us a basic description of what “Adrenal Fatigue” means? Rob: It means the glands are no longer able to produce their hormones in the correct quantity or the correct balance for optimal function. We’ve talked before about how the adrenals do so much more than just provide energy- they also regulate between meal blood sugar levels, modulate the immune system, run our hormonal sleep/wake cycle, and control the adrenaline fight or flight response.Instead of telling us EVERY symptom that a patient with adrenal fatigue can have, boil it down for us…what are the most common symptoms that would tip you off that a patient is dealing with adrenal issues? Rob: Here is just a partial list of symptoms that I commonly see associated with adrenal insufficiency, and the body type that starts to happen with adrenal dysfunction. In some cases the adrenals will start to overproduce cortisol.A person doesn’t have to have *all* of these symptoms, but these are the ones that when I see a cluster of them, I start to think adrenals: Gwen: What are some uncommon symptoms that you see, that we’d not normally associate with adrenal issues? Excess cortisol interferes with thyroid function and can cause a false hypothyroidism. I’ve never heard of it that way before…but those the two things *everyone* tries to diagnose with online: you’ve either got thyroid problems or adrenal problems. It’s so interesting that they can play off of one another that way. OK, so here’s the key question: what are some of the most common causes of adrenal fatigue that you see? Rob: Often some type of internal inflammatory causing compound such as; a toxin, food sensitivity, pathogen (parasite, bacteria, mold, and yeast) or deficiency.Disclosure Page This is such a personal topic for me, and one I’ve been interested in for several years.I’ve seen LOTS of discussion on adrenal fatigue online, and spent hours researching, reading the latest books, etc. Rob, I would consider myself recovered from pretty deep adrenal dysfunction.


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