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Taurus man dating libra woman

However, a long-term relationship doesn't really stand chances to succeed.Both earthy Taurus man and airy Libra woman are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This is one of the matches in the zodiac that could be either a huge success or a big disaster. Libra's avid mind needs new topics all the time, new "tests", intellectual nourishment. Libra is an Air sign, (s)he has to travel, at least in his/her mind; if (s)he can't wander, (s)he has to talk in compensation!They put on shows with angry bulls in Spain...) and (s)he'll feel like running away.(S)He'll be back though, because Libra likes the stability of the Earth (Taurus) and his/her irresistible charm will make your annoyance fade away.

About anything: philosophy, psychology or the price of strawberries in comparison to the one of onions.

But you'll find an obstacle precisely when you are very confident about your chances: even if Libra exteriorizes the way we know (s)he does, deep in his/her heart (s)he is very determined, with very clear opinions about anything and anybody, and not at all passive. That's exactly what your Libra will use to conquer you (or against you), but (s)he'll do it step by step.

So, as charmed as you'll be by a Libra, you'll feel like you don't have anything to hold on to this Air sign.

If you have your eyes set on a Libra, I probably don't have to tell you how much (s)he likes talking, and talking, and talking...

Libra is very often undecided, but only because (s)he can see both sides of a problem so well.


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