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Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating

For C we are still in development mode, so it is not possible to estimate the quene time.

Contact John Gosse for quene times, costs, and other submission questions.

These problems include stream incision and sediment flux, fault kinematics and seismic slip history, tectonic geomorphology, glacial geochronology, permafrost processes and ice dating, landslide and rock avalanche research, chronology for archeology and paleontology.

We collaborate with researchers at universities and insititutions worldwide, and conduct service work for geological surveys (e.g.

The benefits include development of isotope geochemistry laboratory skills, appreciation of experimental uncertainty, and the participation in preparing one's own samples.

For safety and QA/QC resons it is not possible to allow untrained visitors to prepare their own targets in the first couple of batches.

The results have important implications concerning our understanding of the temporal distribution of paraglacial rockslides and rock avalanches; they provide a better understanding of the volumes and failure mechanisms of recurrent failure events; and they represent the first absolute ages of a prehistoric high-magnitude event in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Funding for the research was provided by the Alberta Geological Survey.

The scaling factors of Stone (2000), Dunai (2000), and Desilets et al.

While our policy is first come first serve, we try to accomodate students with thesis deadlines.

Each year we train visiting students and research scientists in the sample preparation and interpretation of cosmogenic nuclide data.

Cl exposure dating and terrestrial digital photogrammetry of the Palliser Rockslide located in the southeastern Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This site is particularly well-suited to demonstrate how this multi-disciplinary approach can be used to differentiate distinct rocksliding events, estimate their volume, and establish their chronology and recurrence interval.


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  2. Cosmogenic nuclide dating lab The Department of Geology has facilities to preparesediment and rock samples for Be, Al, and Cl cosmogenic nuclides surface exposure

  3. Cosmogenic radionuclide dating. The most common of these dating techniques is Cosmogenic radionuclide dating. Earth is constantly bombarded with primary cosmic rays.

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