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The comprehensive internet dating handbook Cyber sexy chat

I used to be a fan of “fun-dates” for years: comedy shows, hiking, beach, rock climbing, etc. It doesn’t really have any undertones to it: friends meet for lunch, and at this point you’re really just meeting up and making friends to see how the two of you click. If it goes well, you can always do something else after.

You don’t want the first meet-up to seem so casual that it’s artificial; you want to reward her for the efforts she has invested in you up until this point.

The same rule of thumb applies regardless of the platform you use.

Whenever you suggest meeting up, ALWAYS act like you’re still a little bit unsure of her.

At the same time, it’s not as awkward as a dinner date where you may end up seated for an hour and a half with someone you might not like anyways.

If you meet for coffee, it’s a bit too casual and many women now believe that men who suggest a coffee date are serial daters.If she agrees to meet up for a drink, or lunch, ask her:“Are you sure you’re not going to kidnap me?” OR, if the two of you have been getting on really well, you can take it a little further: “I don’t know if we should meet up…Don’t let her know that she’s won you over just yet (it’s way too early for that).If you ask for her full name, tell her it’s because you need to perform a background check on her first.These men should slap themselves until they stop acting like 13-year old girls.First of all, there’s nothing to justify the guy’s interest in her, other than the fact that she’s a female and she has a pulse.Since 80-90% of guys are doing online and app dating wrong, it unleashes a HUGE opportunity for a guy with a brain who KNOWS what he’s doing.You can literally have your pick of an unlimited pool of gorgeous, attractive, and intelligent women.The downside is that the women you meet through this app usually seem to be serial daters.I went out with one girl and she was Tindering with other guys during our date!


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