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Singing songs is a great way to get better at speaking English and we have lots of great songs for you to enjoy.

Listen to songs, print activities and post comments!

Saturday in 1994, Bennie Lydell Glover, a temporary employee at the Poly Gram compact-disk manufacturing plant in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, went to a party at the house of a co-worker.

He was angling for a permanent position, and the party was a chance to network with his managers.

Dockery was a “boxer”: he took the shrink-wrapped jewel cases and stacked them in a cardboard box for shipping. In 1989, when Glover was fifteen, he went to Sears and bought his first computer: a twenty-three-hundred-dollar PC clone with a one-color monitor.By the time of the party, he’d begun to experiment with the nascent culture of the Internet, exploring bulletin-board systems and America Online.Soon, Glover also purchased a CD burner, one of the first produced for home consumers. He began to make mixtapes of the music he already owned, and sold them to friends.One of Glover’s co-workers was Tony Dockery, another temporary hire.The two worked opposite ends of the shrink-wrapping machine, twelve feet apart. Most important, they were both fascinated by computers, an unusual interest for two working-class Carolinians in the early nineties—the average Shelbyite was more likely to own a hunting rifle than a PC.Later, Glover realized that the host had been d.j.’ing with music that had been smuggled out of the plant. Plant policy required all permanent employees to sign a “No Theft Tolerated” agreement.He knew that the plant managers were concerned about leaking, and he’d heard of employees being arrested for embezzling inventory.On a busy day, the plant produced a quarter of a million CDs.Its lineage was distinguished: Poly Gram was a division of the Dutch consumer-electronics giant Philips, the co-inventor of the CD.(Indeed, recording executives at the time saw this as a key business risk.) But Poly Gram’s offerings just weren’t that good.The company had a dominant position in adult contemporary, but the kind of people who bought knockoff CDs from the trunk of a car didn’t want Bryan Adams and Sheryl Crow. By 1996, Glover, who went by Dell, had a permanent job at the plant, with higher pay, benefits, and the possibility of more overtime.


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