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The dating guy s01

Her death is fresh in everyone’s minds at school, to different extents: A pair of students stop for a selfie in front of her locker to post on Instagram, while another, well… He’s our way in to Hannah’s story, as the latest recipient of the tapes — and he’s a good protagonist to follow as someone who’s better at listening than at chatting.After all, he’s still reeling from what happened to Hannah; we see him flash back when in class (a class being taught by Mrs. ‘ Lane Kim) to an earlier time when he complimented Hannah’s short hair and remarked that change his good.See, Tony’s listened to the tapes — he’s helped shepherd them along — and he knows that Clay is one of the 13 reasons. All of this scares Clay, who up until now has thought that he was only ever kind to Hannah. Back then, though, Clay had been jealous that Hannah was so into Justin, and so he dismissed her without asking for her side of the story. Hannah held back tears — and present-day Clay is horrified to think back to that memory. A girl, Courtney (Michele Selene Ang), who had checked on Clay earlier in the episode watches as Clay stands in the hallway contemplating Hannah’s story.“It’ll only get worse,” he warns Clay, especially if Clay doesn’t do as the tapes say. The prospect of listening to a dead girl explain why he partly caused her to kill herself isn’t something he or anyone could possibly look forward to — and as he faces what comes next, he remembers something he did… And just before the bell rings, he sees her, projected from his memory, dressed in white and looking angelic and alive, smiling from down the hall. “Now your mess is mine.” That image fades as the scene changes and Vance Joy plays and the students rush out of their classrooms and on to their next classes.His memory is bathed in warm sunlight; his present is all cool blues.Hannah meant more to Clay than she probably knew: Through his other flashbacks, we learned that the two worked together at the theater, and it’s easy to see how Clay falls for her almost immediately. Clay has some trouble operating his father’s boombox — in his defense, no one uses them anymore — and winds up breaking it when his mother walks in on him listening to Hannah’s first tape.I posted my review of Aziz Ansari's “Master of None” last week.

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Right off the bat, has a lived-in, high-school feel, which helps it somewhat overcome its dicey premise.

Like so much of the show, the devil winds up being in the details, like the way the Uber driver is blasting rap music to make things extra uncomfortable for them.

Dev's newfound curiosity about whether to have kids, while establishing the template that will be used in many of the ensuing episodes, is probably the show's least successful approach to it.

Leaving aside whatever social good gets accomplished through having more diverse casts, more diverse writing staffs, more diverse directors, etc., on a storytelling level, it gives you so many more options.

We've seen plenty of stories before about adults trying to connect to uncommunicative parents, but we've never seen this exact version of it, and this was funny and well-observed.


  1. Family Guy Episode Scripts - Springfield! Springfield! TV Show Episode Scripts. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts.

  2. Nov 7, 2015. And Dev's guilt at messing up the flight because he had to get the white BBQ sauce is a reminder that he's mostly a very well-meaning guy who just. “Ladies and Gentlemen” smartly comes after Dev and Rachel have begun dating, so there's no ulterior motive in his interactions with the women from his.

  3. Aug 13, 2014. Season 1, Episode 3 Tom and Miranda share a moment that will change their relationship forever; Colette reveals something to Rob that promises to shake. Wonderlust Tom and Miranda's Dating Dance The path to true love seldom runs smooth and in the case of Wonderland's Tom and Miranda, a few.

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