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The term canadian english has a pedigree dating to 1857

ARROL see BATTISON ARTHUR AYR 1780-1923 T C Mainly OPR, Census. KINMOND ASHE IOM 1851-1953 see AULD ASHER ELG 1822 see ALLAN ASHTON see BLACKBURN ATKINS see WILLIAMS. AYR 1761-1920 T C Many General notes on the family, maps, '200 years of Catrine & Sorn Parish'; information publications by Cumnock & Doon Valley District Council; extracts from OPR and statutory registers; general correspondence in connection with research into the family; extracts from Kilmarnock's midwife register 1777-1829. 1853 C 2 pages BANNERMAN see BLACKBURN BANNINGAN LKS. 1844-c.1900 14 pages OPR extracts and census material. ALLAN BAN 1710-1976 T C Five very large family trees with many descendants of this Allan family, including: DUSSEL, GUNN, RENNIE, GUNN-RUSSELL (name change in 1915). Tree of the family descending from Thomas Allan in Edinburgh, circa 1680 ALLAN ABD 1766-1900 T Other families mentioned: LITTLEJOHN, MCBAIN, RUXTON, SHEARER, THOMSON. ALLAN SCOT 1692-1900 T C Mainly material from OPR and census for LKS, MLN, ELN, PER. ALLAN BWK 1813-1950 LT 1 The tree includes photocopies of relevant histories, maps and photographs. Other single mentions of: Clark, Cockburn, Cook, Crabbe, Fair, Galt, Rattray, Wallace. LNK 1685-1863 T C Some mention of the LAMMINGTON family.

the term canadian english has a pedigree dating to 1857-13the term canadian english has a pedigree dating to 1857-57

AULD 1655-1858 LT 1 AULD See ANTHONY AUSTIN AYR 1780-1900 T C Mainly OPR and census. STI 1733-1859 C Single letter and small sheet of notes.

BEATON see BALFOUR BEATTIE see MUTRIE BECKETT 1 AYR. Mc CULLOCH BECKETT -c.1987 T C 7 pages Large family tree detailing the family, many of whom worked in India. BELFORD see Mc ILWRICK BELGIUM see ANHALT BELL of GODSBRIDGE 1694-1970 T Pedigree with notes; photocopies of portraits; Memorials of the clan Bell of Kirkconnel and Blackethouse, chiefs of the name.

1333-1633 T C 4 pages Brief notes and thoughts on the name.

Tree with people in Portsmouth and emigrating to USA and Australia. BALLINGALL RFW 1340-1724 T 2 page A few notes, mainly from Black's Surnames. FIF 1750-1900 31 pages Typescript record of the family compiled 1894-1895 by Robert Balmain.

MLN 1710-1979 T Booklet on early Ballantynes - mostly American.


  1. An ancestral line; line of descent; lineage; ancestry. 2. a genealogical table, chart, list, or record, especially of a purebred animal. 3. distinguished, excellent, or pure ancestry. 4. derivation, origin, or history the pedigree of a word. Explore · The Oldest Words in English. Only 90s Kids Will Get These Words.

  2. Example sentences with the word pedigree. pedigree example sentences. Old pedigree-makers from the 14th century onward have made of Harding a younger son of a king of Denmark and a companion of the Conqueror, while modern historians assert his identity with one Harding who, although an English thane.

  3. Define pedigree. pedigree synonyms, pedigree pronunciation, pedigree translation, English dictionary definition of pedigree. n. 1. a. considered as evidence of respectability or legitimacy "The practice of larding legislation with special interest lucre has, of course, a lengthy pedigree in American politics" Jonathan Chait.

  4. Canada. Email [email protected] 2. A great-grandson of Edward Stoughton and Mary Exherst was the subject of the study The English. Ancestry of Thomas. The pedigree's later historiography – which has remained largely unnoticed by American. The date of the licence is supplied by Ellis 1857, p.176. 13.

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