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Updating an older darker house dating in your late 30s

The main rooms of my house (living room, family room, and kitchen) are painted a colour that I consider to be greige.All the paint colours in my house are from Cloverdale paint because they generously sponsored all the paint when we renovated this house over three years ago.

The biggest mistake most people make (including design professionals) is combining clean and dirty colours.If you have already chosen a few colours, repeat them.I repeated the yellow from the hallway here in my laundry room. It still needs to be renovated, so it’s not part of the tour. When it’s open, the colour relates to my living room.We will be talking about this throughout our in-class exercises coming up in San Francisco next week, and Houston next month!I chose a softer yellow than my sofa through my entry and hallway because this colour is too intense to have in a main living area, but it’s fabulous through a hall you’re only walking through.I love the soft and sweet look of maiden hair ferns. The only room you haven’t seen is our master bathroom ensuite.I simply replace them when they dry out if I forget to water them in time. And finally, I repeated the turquoise shade of the bedroom in our dated main bathroom right beside it. I also painted it the same turquoise shade, but when it gets renovated, I will paint it a coordinating colour from the master.Now, obviously, it would be smart to continue your main neutral down your hallways if you have carpet.A bright colour with a more muted, earthy shade of carpeting will not be fabulous.” And that’s because it flows and all the colours are clean instead of more muted and dirty.It’s NOT because I’ve decorated the entire house with colours strictly found in the living room.


  1. Homes that were built decades ago are darker with smaller windows, so to compensate for that, you need to remove the heavy window treatments and clean

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