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Updating app config c dating nerves

Android Studio provides access to two configuration files through the Help menu: For specific documentation about emulator and device setup and use, see Managing Virtual Devices, Using Hardware Devices, and OEM USB Drivers.Both configuration files are stored in the configuration folder for Android Studio.#--------------------------------------------------------------------- sun.java2d.d3d=false #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Workaround for slow scrolling in JDK6 #--------------------------------------------------------------------- swing.buffer Per Window=false #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Removing this property may lead to editor performance degradation under X Window.

This document describes additional configuration settings you may want to use to customize your use of Android Studio.The #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Uncomment this option if you want to customize path to user installed plugins folder. #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # idea.plugins.path=$/plugins #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Maximum file size (kilobytes) IDE should provide code assistance for.# The larger file is the slower its editor works and higher overall system memory requirements are # if code assistance is enabled.Android Studio enables Instant Run by default for projects built using Android plugin for Gradle 2.0.0 and higher.You can improve build performance with Instant Run by modifying a few settings for your project.The name of the folder depends on your Studio version.For example, Android Studio 2.2 has the folder name file, override only the attributes you care about and allow Android Studio to continue using default values for any attributes you have not changed.You can then import the JAR file into your other projects and/or make the JAR file available to your colleagues to import into their projects.For more information, see Exporting and Importing Settings at Intelli J IDEA.#--------------------------------------------------------------------- # use Native Clipboard=True #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Maximum size (kilobytes) IDEA will load for showing past file contents - # in Show Diff or when calculating Digest Diff #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # vcs.kb=20480 Instant Run is a behavior for the Run and Debug commands that significantly reduces the time between updates to your app.Although your first build may take longer to complete, Instant Run pushes subsequent updates to your app without building a new APK, so changes are visible much more quickly.


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