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Updating bios toshiba a105

To do it, you’ll have to access the BIOS using F2 button on the laptop start up, but as you have no video, you cannot access the BIOS and set it to defaults.

I think this laptop is still under Toshiba warranty, so if you cannot figure out what’s wrong, call them and let them fix it.

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2 – Started machine to see a DVD movie, but used the power button instead of Internet/CD/DVD button 3 – While Windows XP was starting up I pressed the power button and hold until machine turned off. Try to connect an external monitor and start the laptop.

(Forced power off) 4 – Machine powered off 5 – Pressed the Internet/CD/DVD button From this time on the machine seems just dead. Check if you can get any video on the external monitor.

After that, the shift keys stopped working, and pressing Shift-A causes the power light to dim.

Reverting to ANY previous version BIOS, whether through the Windows program, CD, or Crisis Recovery floppy (magic key is "F", not "B", "Esc", or "U"), does not fix the keyboard problem.


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