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Updating bootleg xp

Microsoft could certain disable non-genuine versions of Windows from running altogether, at least after a certain period of time.But the company then runs the risk of losing users who may not have activated the software or who may decide to pay for it just to eliminate the annoying messages and darkened desktop., implying that much of its software in China is pirated and unlicensed.So what exactly happens if you run a non-genuine current version of Windows?Windows pirates may need to wipe those smiles off their faces.

Pirated versions of Windows have especially been prevalent in China where around 75 percent of PC software is not properly licensed, Reuters said, citing recent studies.

Then you decided to turn of windows updates for forever but you want to get all new important updates from windows and never get caught then you come to right place.

Updating your windows is quite helpful cause Microsoft pushes new important and windows loop holes solutions in update.

But otherwise, Windows and your applications will still be able to function.

Of course, this information applies to the existing versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and not necessarily to the still-developing Windows 10.


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