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Updating eclipse 3 2 to 3 4

Problems encountered when running Eclipse on a non-reference platform that cannot be recreated on any reference platform are given lower priority than problems with running Eclipse on a reference platform.

The Eclipse SDK 3.2.2 is tested and validated on the following reference platforms: Because Java 1.4.2 platforms are used for most Eclipse development, in general, 1.4.2 platforms are listed here.

Although not a reference platform, Eclipse SDK 3.2.2 has been tested and works well on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Similarly, although untested, the Eclipse SDK should work fine on other OSes that support the same window system.

Eclipse undoubtedly runs fine in many operating environments beyond the reference platforms we test.

However, since we do not systematically test them we cannot vouch for them.

Testing has been limited to early access 64-bit J2SEs running on x86-64 processors.

SWT is also supported on the QNX Neutrino operating system, x86 processor, Photon window system, and IBM J9 VM version 2.0.

The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles. Appendix 1 contains a table that indicates the class library level required for each plug-in. As such, the Eclipse Project SDK as a whole is targeted at both 1.4 and Java5 VMs, with full functionality available for 1.4 level development everywhere, and new Java5 specific capabilities available when running on a Java5 VM.Of course, the teams doing Java 5 based development use Java 5 platforms, and the specific ones that they test on are also included.We expect that Eclipse works fine on other Java 5 VMs running on window systems supported by SWT, but can not flag these as reference platforms without significant community support for testing them.For Motif on Linux systems: Open Motif 2.1 (included); SWT HTML viewer requires Mozilla 1.4GTK2.An early access version of the Eclipse SDK is also available for 64-bit Linux GTK.add the PDT 2.0 interim site: download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/2.0/ Enable the Ganymede Update site (if not already enabled): download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/ Expand the DLTK site and select the Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks or Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks SDK Feature Select the PDT or PDT SDK Feature Install...add the PDT 1.0.5 interim site: download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/interim/ Enable the Ganymede Update site (if not already enabled): download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/ Select the PDT or PDT SDK Feature Install...There are many different implementations of the Java Platform running atop a variety of operating systems.We focus Eclipse SDK testing on a handful of popular combinations of operating system and Java Platform; these are our .


  1. So since Eclipse juno is based on 4.2 instead of 3.7, what is the easiest way to upgrade to it, short of installing a separate copy of juno and re-installing all my existing plugins from 3.7 into i.

  2. Installing or updating CCRC for Eclipse and RSA Technote FAQ Question. Eclipse 3.2 provides an Update site out of the box that can be used to locate and.

  3. If you're using Europa 3.3 and below Run the Update Manager. eg. the Eclipse 3.2 / Callisto or Eclipse 3.3 / Europa release trains.

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