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Updating ibm bios

Dell and HP have heeded Intel's advice and stopped deploying BIOS updates carrying its buggy patch for the Spectre attack.

HP, the world's biggest PC maker, has updated its advisory for the Meltdown and Spectre bugs following Intel's advice on Monday to halt deploying the chip makers' microcode or firmware patch due to unexpected reboots.

On Tuesday, HP pulled its softpaqs BIOS updates with Intel's patches from its website, and on Thursday will release a BIOS update with a previous version of Intel's microcode.When burning the CD, have the software the physical CD after burning and close (finalize) the disc.Set your Thinkpad BIOS to boot from the CD drive first. The display should read something like "Starting MS-DOS." Let the system boot from the CD. When you're at the DOS prompt, just enter "QKFLASH. The Just make sure to have your AC adapter plugged in to the wall outlet and in to the laptop. FL2) Note: the "-f" switch will force it to allow a version downgrade.When reflashing the BIOS, a power outage is a serious problem, and can cause corruption to the image on the BIOS. Personelly I upgraded my battery by putting new 1.2V cells in the origional holder (from a HP batterypack) It works fine.3) Remove all the files from the boot floppy EXCEPT: IO. 4) Copy all the files (with the exceptions below) from the BIOS update disk to the boot disk. Greetings A more practical reason is that it is there in case of a failure of the AC line power. Upgrade or back flash it does not matter with a GENUINE battery!It isn't impossible to re-flash the BIOS of a Thinkpad without the battery, but it is there as a safety net for the most part, much like a UPS. Hi,, I have 2 batteries for my A30 neither of which will charge, always shows 0%, I have read that maybe a BIOS upgrade will help but how the heck do I do it???I read about creating a diskette which I tried but I only hace cd drives Burner,,, Any suggestions very helpfull I followed the posted proceedure and it worked like a charm thank goodness I was around before Windows became the norm and in a drawer with old junk I found 3 disks still in cellophane labeled Dos 5.5 ...Welcome to Motherboard Point a friendly motherboard forum full of tech experts..Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.


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