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Updating module dependencies arch speed dating au quebec

But if it works without those steps as long as i3-wm and jsoncpp are installed at compile time, that's fine.

@Chais Alright, that's great, it was probably caused by an unsuccessful pull in the AUR repo or something like this.

Also a compile option was added for the i3 module to be built.

Here's a PKGBUILD that reflects all those changes: https://gist.github.com/3b28f4502af892c0f764d86a85339c93 @Chais does the error occur everytime you update or was it only that particular update?

Being the layer that contains your Business Rules/Use Cases/Repository abstractions, the domain layer should be shielded from changes as much as possible.

Rx Java dependency is used in every layer of this app and it would not make sense to specify and maintain its version in every layer separately (it would introduce maintenance headache in the long run).

In your PKGBUILD, I don't see why you explicitly add the @patrick96 it seems to have been a particular version of polybar or aurutils. In other news the polybar packages was restructured in a way that necessitates further changes to the PKGBUILD.

i3ipc is now a submodule that needs to be checked out and the i3 module now also depends on i3-wm.

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Ah yes, that note is kind of useless, since i3 support is automatically enabled, if possible. It probably couldn't find because (the polybar wiki)[https://github.com/jaagr/polybar/wiki/Module:-i3] suggested to do so and added the checkout because cmake complained it couldn't find

Suffice it to say that the pattern encourages component separation and making your Views “dumb” (i.e. The Views delegate all user interaction events to its Presenters.

Each Presenter works with the Data layer via the Domain layer to process a particular request.

Once done, the Presenter tells the View what to do next (display data, etc.).

Views do not hold any business logic hence they are described as passive.


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