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Updating pro tools

You can check the file version of a plug-in by selecting the appropriate plug-in file and pressing .

This will open an Info window for the file showing its version number.

You will then need to submit a support case to Avid to replace your license(s).

RMA has been filed, you may be eligible for i Lok's ZDT program (zero down time), which will give you a 14-day temp license to use the software, however, you will need to provide a new i Lok (2nd/3rd Gen) and pay for the ZDT service (0 per emergency if you are not already covered at the per year rate).

Note: This article only applies to Pro Tools 10 or earlier.

If your plug-ins do not show up in Pro Tools, first make sure that the RTAS plug-ins have been installed on your system.

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You are not required to purchase an upgrade plan, and you can keep your current version for life.There is a rare chance that the "Wave Cache" file within the session folder has become corrupt during any one or combination of Elastic Audio, Clip Gain, or Audio Suite processing whereby the waveform of the clip cannot be established from the live processing of the CPU and has become corrupted.In this case: The issue causes the Scarlett interface to show up as two separate devices, one for input and one for output.Pro Tools, Logic, installation, troubleshooting, etc.)• gotomeet.me/Audio Music Help Line - For music theory questions or issues (i.e.help with composition, reading music, etc.) If your i Lok is lost, stolen, or broken...don't panic.Thus in DAWs where you select the Scarlett (such as Pro Tools), you are only able to use Inputs or Outputs, but not both, resulting in either no Input or no Output depending on which you select.Call 1-888-456-3444, press 1, then enter your System ID.This means that what will presumably be called Pro Tools 11 won't offer support for Pro Tools HD Accel systems with the old HD Core, Process or Accel cards, nor the older blue-and-silver interfaces.This decision is sure to cause a few raised eyebrows — nay, pitchforks — from existing users, but Avid have at least said they will acknowledge this hardware "through software maintenance updates for the next three years, and offer hardware repair and phone support for the next five years”.In OS X, you should see the plug-in files in this folder: If your plug-ins are not here, then you need to reinstall the latest update of the application you are looking for, do a custom install, and choose to install the RTAS version.If the plug-ins are here, check their version number.


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