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Updating search site database

Greminger, who assumed his office this July, has told about the OSCE activity amidst the exacerbation of relations between Russia and the West, particularly, the United States, as well as the organizations activity in Ukraine and the agenda of the upcoming Ministerial Council in Vienna. Republication or redistribution of Interfax content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Interfax.

Although Yii DAO can handle virtually any database-related task, chances are that we would spend 90% of our time in writing some SQL statements which perform the common CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations.

Tip: Because Active Record relies on the metadata about tables to determine the column information, it takes time to read the metadata and analyze it.

If the schema of your database is less likely to be changed, you should turn on schema caching by configuring the CDb Connection::schema Caching Duration property to be a value greater than 0.

Common CRUD operations are implemented as AR methods.

As a result, we can access our data in a more object-oriented way.

The system also receives information on bankruptcy cases, court rulings on companies, data disclosed by other companies, information from major depositaries, recommendations and forecasts from analysts at investment banks, and Interfaxs corporate news.

Override the table Name() method if they are different.Each AR class represents a single database table, and an AR instance represents a row in that table.The following example shows the minimal code needed for the AR class representing the Tip: Because AR classes are often referenced in many places, we can import the whole directory containing the AR class, instead of including them one by one.For simplicity, we use the following database table for our examples in this section.Note that if you are using My SQL database, you should replace Note: AR is not meant to solve all database-related tasks.The SPARK system has been broadly used to confirm the legal status of a company, receive contact information, search for potential clients and partners, receive preliminary assessments of a companys financial staying power and position on the market, disclose information for financial market players, and learn about the nature of affiliation and ties between different companies and groups of companies.The SPARK system, which was formed three years ago, has helped make basic information on companies more accessible, generate a more comprehensive picture regarding the structure of Russian business, including for foreign investors, and reduce credit risks.For example, we can use the following code to insert a new row to the In the following we describe how to set up AR and use it to perform CRUD operations.We will show how to use AR to deal with database relationships in the next section.Otherwise, dynamically changing the static variable CActive Record::db is a better idea.To access a database table, we first need to define an AR class by extending CActive Record.


  1. Shows sections of the site that make up more than 1% of the total number of pages loadedto the search engine database. Sections are displayed in a tree hierarchy

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