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Updating search site database who is theresa randle dating

The system also receives information on bankruptcy cases, court rulings on companies, data disclosed by other companies, information from major depositaries, recommendations and forecasts from analysts at investment banks, and Interfaxs corporate news.

In fact, the system offers all company information that is legally accessible in Russia.

Tip: Because Active Record relies on the metadata about tables to determine the column information, it takes time to read the metadata and analyze it.

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As a result, we can access our data in a more object-oriented way.

For example, if all our AR class files are under By default, the name of the AR class is the same as the database table name.

Override the table Name() method if they are different.

Each AR class represents a single database table, and an AR instance represents a row in that table.

The following example shows the minimal code needed for the AR class representing the Tip: Because AR classes are often referenced in many places, we can import the whole directory containing the AR class, instead of including them one by one.


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