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Chad -------------------- "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! I set the Last Day as January 31, 2009 so I'd get the balance of January in there. I'm trying to print out 1 page per month in A5 size on Windows. I've tried changing the start date and it seems to be happy to go back in time but not forwards?

The preview in the DIY Dynamic Template program looks great, but when I clicked File Save as PDF the resulting document has only 28 pages - January 4 through 31, 2009 - but no Journal pages at all. Apologies for missing the obvious if I am : S The start date cannot be after the date displayed in the calendar widget.

Weekly Setup: I totally did not see a "none" option there at first, I thought it was just 12/24! Line Spacing: It fails on two-pages-per-week and two-pages-per-month, it looks like, now that I've had a chance to check them all.

Through the Nordic Magic of the Qt Libraries, both of these applications were built from the same source code.Mostly for the dailies; I don't track expenses in my planner.* On the weekly setup, having the whole block be an hourly schedule doesn't work well for people who don't have a day that revolves completely around the clock.I'd go for the older persion but there's still a block outline glitch on the even pages.fixed in 2.01 ----------------------------------- "I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) How do I get v2.01? I always assumed you were either eastern European or a Japanese transplant. This application does not print, so what are you doing to get printed pages ?The D*I*Y Planner Dynamic Template application has now hit version 2.0, ready to produce any size and shape of yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars for your printing pleasure.All designs are based upon the Classic versions of the D*I*Y Planner, along with input from Doug, and so will integrate completely into your Diy P setup.You've also done an excellent job in rendering the Diy P designs, which is not a very easy thing to do at all within an application that can allow so many page layouts, margins, page sizes, and calendar options.The daily pages, in particular, turned out very, very well, and do stand up to the commercial Franklin-Covey and Day-Timer offerings. all my best, dj A really nifty little program, but I do have a couple suggestions: * Ability to change fonts.(The daily design was created by Doug, but was never implemented as a static template owing to the insane amount of repetitive work required.) Simply select your paper size, choose the calendar type, and tweak the settings to come up with your own printable set of calendars that perfectly fit your planner and your lifestyle.The Mac version was built in Mac OS 10.4.11, using Qt 4.5.2 Here's a shot of the Mac version as it starts up: The Windows version was built in Windows XP, using Qt 4.5.2 and Min GW Here's the Windows version as it starts up: This is multi-platform software.


  1. Contents Alamo Armory Chipwell Armaments Coalition States Free Quebec Ghost Vehicles Golden Age Weaponsmiths Iron Armory Iron Heart Armament Kittani Megaversal Legion

  2. Still using Tiger, the older version of Mac OSX? You may be able to cheat Apple and pay only $29 to upgrade to the latest Snow Leopard operating system.

  3. So you've checked out the good stuff and decided to take the plunge to Snow Leopard. Upgrading is mind-numbingly easy, but in case you wouldn't mind a.

  4. An Abyssal minion is a pet players may buy for 85 Zeal points at Soul Wars, or for 1,020 thaler from Stanley Limelight Traders, along with a stuffed or unstuffed.

  5. When did the artwork change on the trashcan? In OsX 10.4 Tiger when you emptied the trash the wastebasket icon looks empty. On Mavericks the trash gets emptied but.

  6. Carbon copies. And a whole lot more. SuperDuper is the most advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program available for macOS. It can, of course, make a full backup.

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