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Updating value in table from servlet

Table 30-1 lists the legal built-in actions for XSQL pages.header to indicate the MIME type of the resource returned to the request.Although Model-View-Controller (MVC) is known by nearly every Web developer, how to properly use MVC in real application development still eludes many people.

By combining XSU with XSLT, you can transform XML into the canonical format expected by a given table.Afterward, you can use XSU to delete the resulting canonical XML.For a specified database table, the canonical XML form is given by one row of XML output from a SELECT * query against the table.It only takes effect when you use the Oracle JDBC driver; otherwise the setting is ignored.This technique reduces network round trips to the database from the servlet engine running in a different tier.Default is Sets the size of the cache for XSLT stylesheets and so determines the maximum number of XSQL pages that are cached.Default is Controls the initial number of JDBC connections allocated in each connection pool.This action requires a database connection provided as a Ordered, space-delimited list of one or more XSQL parameter names.The values of these parameters are used to bind to the JDBC bind variable in the appropriate sequential position in the SQL statement.Valid values are Specifies the fully-qualified Java class name of a custom XSQL error handler.The specified handler is the default error handler implementation.


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