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Validating a check

At such time, the person checking or reporting the carcass will be given a game check card furnished by the department or a confirmation number from the automated reporting system.

The successful hunter shall then immediately record the game check card number or confirmation number, in ink, on the line provided on the tag that was validated (notched) in the field.

If you have a page with a lot of HTML coding, validate it to make sure you have it all correct.

And occasionally check random posts to make sure everything is still okay from time to time as part of your general housekeeping.

The World Wide Web Consortium sets the standards and also hosts a variety of web page validators.

In simple terms, validation ensures that your website complies with the standards accepted by most web designers.

If checked at a big game check station, the game check card must be kept in possession with the carcass until the carcass is processed.

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Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way (the way you want it) by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage.Validating your Word Press site means more than just checking the front page for errors.With the modular Themes and template files in Word Press, while you may fix all the errors associated with the .If the carcass is left unattended, this written documentation must be securely attached to the carcass.Processed carcass parts of a deer killed legally in Virginia may be transported; however, upon request of any authorized law-enforcement officer, sufficient verbal or written information necessary to properly establish legal possession must be furnished immediately. It shall be unlawful for any person to destroy the identity of the sex of any deer killed unless and until the license tag, bonus deer permit or special permit is validated (notched) and checked as required by this section.Successful deer hunters are allowed to dismember the carcass to pack it out from the place of kill, after an appropriate license tag has been validated (notched) as required in subsection A of this section, as long as they do not destroy the identity of the sex and all the parts of the carcass are present when the deer is checked at a big game check station or reported through the automated harvest reporting system.Any deer found in the possession of any person without a validated (notched) license tag or documentation that the deer has been checked (via a big game check station or the automated harvest reporting system) as required by this section shall be forfeited to the Commonwealth to be disposed of as provided by law. Upon killing a deer within an area designated by the department for deer disease management and on days designated by the department, the licensee or permittee shall present the carcass, on the day of kill, at a location designated by the department for the purposes of disease surveillance or biological monitoring. Place of kill shall be defined as the location where the animal is first reduced to possession.It shall be unlawful for any person to validate (notch) a deer tag from any special license for hunting deer and turkey, bonus deer permit, or special permit prior to the killing of a deer.As you can see, having a validated website has its definite plus points.Validators detect problems in your web page and style sheet.


  1. Make sure your codes and styles validate across the board. That means they have to meet the "strict" standards set by the W3C Organization and pass a variety of validations for CSS and XHTML. Not all validators check for the same things. Some only check CSS, others XHTML, and others for accessibility. If you are sincere.

  2. Certificate of origin document verification form, validate your Canadian certificate using our QR barcode system.

  3. With email validation, you won't waste your budget on email addresses that don't exist. First 100 validations & 10,000 emails are free every month. Start Validating Now. Validate email to check for typos and error-entries. Integrate validation into your web forms. Programmatically catch user-entry errors in your sign-up flow.

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