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Viking sewing machine serial number dating

The White ‘Peerless’ sewing machine was the most popular early model produced by the White Sewing Machine Company with many variations being produced over several years.The machines usually have the various patents applied for stamped on to the slide plates, which helps with the dating of these models.

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The Gem is a small model with beautifully colourful decals and mounted on a heavy cast iron base, making it a very sturdy little machine to use. Early ‘Gem’ machines had a serial number stamped into the casting under the front slide plate.

In 1866 The decision was made to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio as this was felt to be more central to their markets.

When it was incorporated in 1876, the company changed its name to the White Sewing Machine Company.

During its heyday the White Sewing Machine Company produced numerous models but this page is dedicated to just a few of the early vibrating shuttle models A unique characterictic of all White VS machines is that the shuttles have a central pin which fits through the hollow tubular shaft of the bobbins.

When buying any White VS machine it is essential to ensure it has both its shuttle and bobbin, as it would be virtually impossible to find replacements.


  1. Aug 5, 2013. Visit the New Home webpage at the ISMACS website, the International Sewing Machine Collector's website or call Janome New Home at 1-800-631-0183. PFAFF Visit the Pfaff information page at the ISMACS website, which includes a chart for dating information based on serial number. SINGER

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  3. Dating Singer sewing machines by their serial numbers.

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