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The group is understood to be a front for Shinchonji.“This group has no connection whatsoever with the Diocese of London and has no authority to promote itself amongst our churches,” reads a statement sent by church officials.“A call for vigilance has been issued to all churches in the Diocese.”A statement from Rev. Mary’s in London, used even stronger language to describe the group offering Bible study classes under the name Parachristo.“A number of members of London churches have been pulled into this cult and gradually they are encouraged to cut all ties with friends and family,” reads the message from Peters, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.Let me know and if you want I can send contacts via personal messages here.I live in Korea and have been trying to keep tabs on this group here: [ if you weren't aware, a multi-part expose will start airing in Korea tomorrow night (March 16).Critics say it's just a cult.[org]April 5, 2017: Churches on alert of "dangerous cult" Shincheonji on takeover mission[ 4, 2017: Shincheonji members helped believer "escape" family[ 29.

”On the wall outside, there is a sign with the name of the study center. Some churches in South Korea, in fact, post signs that say something to the effect, "No Shinchonji."Lee, the director of the Bible study center I visited, says she has been a member of Shinchonji since 1999.“We offer a very deep course of study into the Bible,” she says.Here's a trailer:[ have been a few artcles published over the past couple of years.Rick was interviewed for the most recent: July 11, 2017: This apocalyptic Korean Christian group goes by different names.Messianic leader, Reported Infiltration of Non Shinchonji Churches The founder of Shinchonji goes on to say that prominent Christian leaders in South Korea and elsewhere only criticize Lee out of jealousy.He says his church is growing, while their churches are shrinking.Lee sees the persecution that he faces as evidence that he is on the right track.After all, he tells me, wasn’t Jesus persecuted by prominent religious leaders of his time? They don't know Bible.”This leads me to ask about the “narrow path” to heaven offered by the teachings of Shinchonji.The Bible Study leader masks their religion by calling it a “Non-Denominational Christian Bible Study,” so you are tricked from the start.Why can’t they be truthful and say who they really follow?[jmscult.com]So, it becomes impossible to share scriptures with them because they have come to believe that everyone else is corrupted, even pastors, and unfortunately even family.May God grant these young people discernment by showing them that JESUS IS all about LOVE – NOT hate.” All about FORGIVENESS – NOT condemnation.


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