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Vitos by the park speed dating

It all but ruined his acting career; but, when asked to resume his previous film role of Dr.

Kildare for television, he insisted that the studio not accept advertising from cigarette companies. Clara Bow was the product of a dysfunctional family in Brooklyn.

The silent film era may have been long ago, but the actors who made Laurel Canyon their home had personal stories that touch our lives today.

Ramon Navarro bucked the racial conventions of the day and became the first Hispanic actor in Hollywood.

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He had come to California to further his fortune in the Hollywood film industry.

In actuality, he had spent little time at his lavish estate on Laurel Canyon Boulevard before he died.

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She came to Hollywood as a teenager and was immediately cast in roles that depicted a strong, sexual woman overcoming adversity and scorn in a male-dominated world.

Her acting skills generated great sympathy among American audiences and great profits for her studio employers.

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