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Vraymtl unhandled exception updating material

Analyzing Spatial Patterns in Modern Carbonate Sand Bodies from Great Bahama Bank, Paul M.Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Quality Evaluation of Wolfcamp Unconventional Succession in the Midland Basin, West Texas, Hualing Zhang, Xavier Janson, Li Liu, and Ziyuan Wang, #80607 (2017).

Applications of the Lucia Method in Carbonate Petrophysics, George B.Building a Static Model During Exploration: Enabler for Fast Track Field Development Plan, Raffik Lazar, #70288 (2017).Lithology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Lower Oligocene Successions in the Alpine Foreland Basin: Model for Source Rocks in the Paratethys?Gas While Drilling (GWD) Classification in Shaly-Sand Reservoir; an Effort to Unlock Gumai Play Potential in South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia, I Gusti Agung Aditya Surya Wibawa, Andri Syafriya, Beiruny Syam, and Mohammad Risyad, #11006 (2017).Geologically Driven Joint Inversion of Gravity, Seismic and Well Data: A Step Forward in Understanding of Geological Structure and Reducing E&P Risks, Oleksandr Petrovskyy and Tetyana Fedchenko, #70282 (2017).Depositional Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Dundee-Rogers City Interval: Lithofacies and Production Characteristics, Peter J.Bulling, Kristy Whitaker, Kim Koepke, and Sara Maloney, #11005 (2017).Quantitative Characterization of Fracture Frequency Variations Using a Linear Piecewise Regression Analysis and the Akaike Information Criterion, Alex P.Future of Tunu Field Development: A Breakthrough of Gas Sand Identification Using Automated Seismic Assessment, Firman B.Distribution of Carbonate Reservoirs Controlled by Volcanism in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand, Kari N.Devonian-Mississippian Petroleum Systems of Southern Laurasia: What Makes the STACK-Merge-SCOOP Play in Oklahoma so Special, Andrew Cullen, #10998 (2017).


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  3. V-Ray The DR servers list is re-read whenever the vray_file is modified during rendering;

  4. V-Ray قرار میگیره. IMG در ادامه میتونید جدیدترین نسخه موتور رندر V-Ray رو بصورت مستقیم و رایگان دانلود کنید.

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