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Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

I think WD likes the Sandisk drives as everything else I had failed.

More to the point – the WD does not like slow USB sticks.

Who has problems playing 3GP files (mobile phone generated video) on their WDTVs?

I've tried auto video settings as well as manually setting 1080p 50Hz and 12bit etc. Yes this is off topic, but the way I see it, it's money saved to buy another WDTV ; ) My boss has his connected to a Wireless G Router with a D-Link Wireless N 150 adapter. I'm about to get a Ready NAS box which will hold my media collection and share it on the network via SAMBA.

Having an AC powered HDD attached to it is a much better solution for me.

Took me a couple of hours and 3 different USB sticks – I finally have b rads firmware on my WDTV.

I'm off to do some forum searching to see if I'm not alone with this issue. My house is Cat6 cabled so it is all wired network.

however I did notice straight off that the colours appear to be 'washed out' and that Deep Colour doesn't appear to be working for me anymore (has worked previously). Will the WDTV be able build a media library from my files on the network share?


  1. WDTV Live Media Player. menu Whirlpool. When manually updating both official and unofficial firmware through a USB drive it may take a few days with the. WDLXTV.

  2. Has anyone on here used mt-daapd with more than one music directory. I have set up the two directories in the like## mp3_dir required## Location of.

  3. Web interface. You can access. wdlxtv-live/plus * UMSP optical drive manager hides when no device available. plugins override system plugins recliq 1.02.21.

  4. WDTV Live Media Player Sign in. Here is a list of features for the WDLXTV-Live firmware. * UMSP plugins are pulled from svn on boot.

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