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What does updating my graphics driver do updating java and flash player

That means that approximately twice a year we prepare, test and create 5 different ISO versions.

Creation of i Ridium projects begins with setting up of their graphic parts.

The graphic part of the project (design) can be received in one of the following ways: After opening i Ridium GUI Editor the first thing you do is creating a new project or opening the ready project.

A new project can be created with the help of the button on Tool Box, Ctrl N or through the menu File ↑ Back Graphic items – interface objects located on i Ridium project pages or popups.

For my spec: i7 860 @2.8GHz , 12GB DDR3 , GTX1050Ti 4GB, 2 4TB HD, MSFFB2 joystick, X52 Pro Thottle, TIR5, Win 10 Pro x64, 1920X1080 FPS was 45-60 fps (mostly 55-60) in the Gazelle with a couple of dozen AI ground and air units flying around using 'Medium' settings with AI Traffic=OFF, etc.

so I could use a few 'quality of life' High settings, while keeping good fps and avoiding stutters. would you think updating my gpu and ram would make sense right now, if only for DCS?


  1. Every time Windows 10 runs updates which I see no way to control, it updates my graphics driver. I like the old one because it is faster. So, I have to reinstall it.

  2. Creating the Graphic Part of images, animation, video-stream and control items and thedriver i.e. frequency of updating snap shots in the project, do

  3. Now my World of Warcraft game occasionally stutters while moving I had this problemearlier and updating the graphics card made Driver Version 8.17

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