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When do dj and steve start dating

Donna Martin (wife)Camille Desmond (ex-girlfriend)Gina Kincaid (ex-girlfriend)Denise O'Lare (one-night stand)Sophie Burns (dated)Valerie Malone (ex-girlfriend)Claudia (ex-girlfriend)Robyn (ex-girlfriend)Clare Arnold (ex-girlfriend)Ariel Hunter (affair)Nikki Witt (fling)Kelly Taylor (crush) David starts out as an ambitious freshman, eager in every sense of the word; to create a name for himself at West Beverly, be it through his music or by dating the most popular girl in school with whom he is infatuated: Kelly Taylor.Though irritating Kelly and Steve at first, after a while he slowly becomes friendly with the gang and ends up graduating a year early to be with his friends and longtime girlfriend, Donna. They had their first "date" in the episode "Sisters in Crime", where they were supposed to watch a more adult movie, but instead, since Michelle and Stephanie were there, they went to a child movie instead. When the Tanner family went to Disney World, Steve is forced to remain behind. so much that he can't stand being apart from her, so that's a big stepping stone in their relationship. But Steve tells her that every time he learns something new about D. about his true feelings in the episode "Lovers and Other Tanners". met again when they saw each other on the plane when they were both going to Spain, and they became a couple after they came back. She worries about not knowing each other, which she is right about after they play the game show. They stayed in a relationship because david really liked donna.Towards the end of the season it was Scotts birthday and he asked David to attend even though they weren't that close anymore.During the Spring dance David and Donna were on the dance floor Donna kissed him.

During the second season David and Scott drifted apart. First dating her due to how much she reminded him of D. and proposes to her in the episode "Happy New Year, Baby", though he has to do this with D. During the first season David was a Geeky freshman at West Beverly, him and his best friend Scott Scanlon were excited to start high school.On the first day of school there was an announcement that there would be a party Friday, he was already to go when it was announced that it was upperclassmen only. At the party David quickly became obsessed with Steve Sanders, because his mother was on the Hartley House.Mostly because David dropped him to become friends with the Gang.David during this season developed a crush on Donna Martin. Attempting to kiss her in the car Donna backed away and said that she didn't like him like that. In the episode A Very Tanner Christmas, Steve gave her a sweater from that college, but that only made her more upset. When they reunite 21 years later, Steve still has very strong feelings for D. and says that he will hold out on waiting for her whenever she is ready to date again after the death of her husband. was sad about that, but the reason was because she was worried about what would happen to their relationship. On the series finale, "Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)". J.'s date to her senior prom, and to be her escort. Though he does seem to still have some feelings for D. when he appears jealous upon finding out Matt is dating her, he remains faithful to his love for C. In the episode "The Last Dance", Steve is the one who tells Kimmy that D. (It is presumed that if he hadn't told Kimmy that, she would not have come over to D. that he would still love her, even if the only thing she got right on the test was her name.


  1. Will D. J. & Steve Date In 'Fuller House. knew when it was OK to start dating. fingers that we get to do it again," Kimmy Gibbler actress.

  2. Aren't Dj and Steve cousins with a huge age difference? why did. is a guy named Steve, who is DJ's. what episode does he start dating DJ?

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