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When do dj and steve start dating

It was revealed that if Steve hadn't started dating C.

However, he misses her so much that Steve ends up visiting D. at Disney World in the episode "The House Meets the Mouse" (Part 2). In the episode "The Perfect Couple", Joey asks Steve and D. to be the dating couple in the game show he is hosting, The Perfect Couple.

In the episode "The Last Dance", Steve is the one who tells Kimmy that D. (It is presumed that if he hadn't told Kimmy that, she would not have come over to D.

that he would still love her, even if the only thing she got right on the test was her name.

First dating her due to how much she reminded him of D.

and proposes to her in the episode "Happy New Year, Baby", though he has to do this with D.

They had their first "date" in the episode "Sisters in Crime", where they were supposed to watch a more adult movie, but instead, since Michelle and Stephanie were there, they went to a child movie instead. When the Tanner family went to Disney World, Steve is forced to remain behind. so much that he can't stand being apart from her, so that's a big stepping stone in their relationship. But Steve tells her that every time he learns something new about D.

Steve is now a podiatrist and the owner of Comet Jr. picked neither Steve or Matt it has been confirmed both will get new girlfriends.

During this season David sort of inserts himself into the forming gang and becomes the schools new DJ.

During the second season David and Scott drifted apart.

During the Spring dance David and Donna were on the dance floor Donna kissed him.

Walked over to her friends and said that she liked him and that she didn't care what any of them thought about her and David she didn't care. One night they were making out at Donna's and she told him that she was going to stay a virgin till she was married.


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  2. David Silver is one of the main characters of Beverly Hills. Though irritating Kelly and Steve at first. Valerie and David start dating in the next episode.

  3. Will D. J. & Steve Date In 'Fuller House. knew when it was OK to start dating. fingers that we get to do it again," Kimmy Gibbler actress.

  4. Hollywood Life Logo Image. which will start with “a big food fight in the backyard” over the summer. Do you think Steve and DJ are endgame?

  5. Danny comes to town to do a Facebook live with DJ and Matt on pet safety. There are only two more days left until DJ and Steve can start dating again.

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