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When to kiss when first dating

Every date has those in-between times when either partner has a good opportunity to make their excuses.After dinner, for example, is a great time to crack our the old, ‘well I’ve got to be up early, so I’d better be heading off’ excuse.People have so many dating rules, it's hard to keep track.I'm sure we have all broken at least some of those rules, or have been granted the proverbial "exception" to someone else's.

Some people like to be asked if they can be kissed, and if you’re still not sure how your date feels at the end of the night, then you could always try this more direct approach.

Or is it brief ending with a sharp pat on the back?

If it’s the former, that might be the perfect moment to go in for a kiss, but if it’s the latter, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up.

If you’re considering this approach then remember this; we’re just talking about a kiss here, not a marriage proposal.

If your date isn’t interested they can always offer you their cheek instead – no harm done.


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