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In April 2006, Basshunter was signed to Warner Music and released his first major-label debut single "Boten Anna".

In Scandinavia, the song became an instant hit and was the first Swedish-language song to reach number one on the Dutch Top 40 Chart.

He's moved on since his dalliance with Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend on Big Brother but Basshunter still a big hit with the girls. However, his new girlfriend, Tara, was sensibly watching in the wings and he went to some lengths to demonstrate his affection for her.

Jonas Altberg demonstrated his across-the-board popularity with a raucous gig surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous women at GAY last night.

He released an indie album called "The Old Shit" in the same year.

Four years later, he came out with another self-released effort, this time entitled "The Bassmachine".

He was born on December 22, 1984 and started pursuing career in music in 1999.You queens will look any minuscule crease in one’s undies and call it a bulge.You were SUPPOSED to be looking at the tattoo, guys!But the new Aladdin film is giving them a different kind of feeling, other than nostalgia.Alex Beattie, of ITV’s mega summer-hit Love Island is the latest hottie to be papped wearing our fave item of clothing.Besides, this track also ruled at least two other singles chart in Europe."Boten Anna" is included in Basshunter's third studio album "LOL" which was dropped in September 2006.He has years of experience entertaining audiences with his “cheeky chappy” charm from the Midlands, Manchester and Liverpool." - [Dialog] - "Oh wow, I bet you have a beautiful voice" - [Dialog] - "Yeah, I like music, especially jazz" - [Screen] - Suggest to look around the place - (Anywhere) [Screen] - Follow Jessica - (Anywhere) [Dialog] - "What kind of things ?" - [Dialog] - (Either) - [Dialog] - "Sure - [Dialog] - I like it.It`s unique - [Screen] - Kiss Her Lips - [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Anywhere) [Dialog] - "Honestly I want more than just a kiss" - [Dialog] - "No, I`m just kidding.Forget it, let`s go somewhere else" - [Dialog] - "The weather is great.


  1. Oct 27, 2008 Is the basshunter singinger dating that girl Aylar Lie the girl in his videos ?

  2. Who is Aylar Lie dating right now. If you know, please let send us a tip. Aylar Lie Dating History. better known by his stage name Basshunter.

  3. He is a eurotrance dj and artist from Sweden.is currently signed to WB recording and he has 3 albums out but the first album is exclusive to Sweden only.

  4. Basshunter, 27 Last. I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

  5. Aylar Dianati Lie Persian آیلار لی ‎; born 12 February 1984 is an Iranian-Norwegian actress, model, singer and former pornographic actress, but has been in the music industry as a music video actress and singer, having featured in several of Swedish DJ Basshunter's music videos.

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